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  1. SteveG31

    G30/G31 brink Towbar

    Part wanted I've got a brink towbar that I’m fitting to my G31 touring (2020) and I have lost one of the exhaust support bracket (near side) from the kit. I have contacted the dealer and the distributor who have both said that I need to purchase a full kit as they don’t supply individual parts!! has anyone fitted one of these to their G30 and have the brackets left over (. As their not needed on the G30) that they are willing to sell me. thanks in advance
  2. SteveG31

    Towing electrics

    Hi Matt that is good to know, thanks. Hopefully the garage can successfully code the rear PDC without any issues. thanks again.
  3. SteveG31

    Towing electrics

    Hi all unsure if anyone can help but I’ve bought a brink towbar and a westfalia electric kit for a G30 (2018) and was told that this would also fit my G31 (2020) is this correct? Will the electric kit be compatible as I cannot check as I cannot get a wiring diagram/ fitting instructions for it. I rang westfalia and they said that they didn’t do one? thanks steve
  4. SteveG31

    Retro fit swivelling tow bar

    Hi just wondered if anyone here had retrofitted a swivelling towbar on there G31? I’ve just got a quote from the main dealer and it was £3000! I fitted my last one (westfalia detachable towbar) on my F31 so I’ve got some idea how it goes but would like some guidance on procuring the electric kit and coding. TIA steve

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