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  1. E28525e

    Fuel relay making permanent noise

    Thé révolution relay is near thé fuse box and thé idle is ok when thé relay is disconnected what a surprise !
  2. E28525e

    Fuel relay making permanent noise

    Any idea about thé fonction of this relay ? When the relay is unplugged Thé engine starts well and no impact when driving
  3. E28525e

    After e32 I am a e28 owner

    Hello after 10 years with a e32 750i I found a e28 525 e. Very zen car 200000 ikms a starting failure fixed with this forum It was because a missing flyWheel pin thank you Has my Ref Sensor snapped my Trigger pin? - 525e/535i EU M20B27
  4. Hello My new e28 525e is starting well but the pump relay is making a permanent noise It looks like something rotating inside thé relay It looks like a failure Have you any idea about it ?