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  1. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Update.... so thermostat changed for a genuine bmw item and it’s still exactly the same the temp stamped on the aftermarket sensor was 82 degrees and on the bmw part 88 degrees so I’m assuming with the bmw part it will run hotter??? not sure where to go with it now? only thing maybe is temperature sensor, the one that sends the signal to the gauge but I’m assuming that is working correctly as behaves as you would expect from cold??
  2. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Thermostat ordered I’ll try a genuine one and see if that cures it
  3. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Maybe I should try fitting another thermostat and go from there? Maybe a genuine BMW one rather than aftermarket?
  4. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Ok I can probably get hold on one, does anyone know what temp it should be at once fully warm? thanks
  5. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll leave things be with it for the time being then, hopefully it should be ok as is
  6. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    The only thing is it was like it before I changed the thermostat, I thought the new thermostat might resolve it but still exactly the same, really odd!
  7. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    hmmm, maybe nothing to worry about then? It never moves above the mark even in traffic, long journeys etc
  8. E34JP5

    Temp Gauge Help!

    So my temperature gauge is sitting just above the half way 12 o'clock mark, so far its had a new radiator, new thermostat and water pump and new viscous coupling but still the temp gauge sits just above the halfway point? Once there the temp reading doesn't fluctuate and the car never overheats. All the heater works perfectly and doesn't lose any coolant either. I though I may have air on the system following the rad change but ive followed the steps online to bleed the system and i don't think its that? Is there anything else that would cause it to run a little hot? or is it ok that the gauge sits just above the centre line?