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  1. Nol

    Back seat lever broken

    Hello, I've got a question about a 1995 BMW e34 525I AUT E2. This model has the possibility to fold down the back seats. Sadly it doesn't work. One side has a broken lever, where I managed to unluck the seat using some pliers. The other side still has a lever, but doesn’t work. The lever can be moved without resistance, so it appears to be disconnected from the locking system. Is it possible to unlock the back seat on another way? I hoped to fix the connection by welding or something, but the seat needs to come out first. I tried forcing the the locking system from the top side (last photo). Which didn't help
  2. Switch appeared to be broken. Placed a new(second hand) switch and plastic sliding cover. It looks clean and works like a charm! Thanks
  3. Thanks for the help. My parents told me that te car used to start in E(economy) and that is was able to switch between all the drive modes. The switch does feel normal to me, so not sticky icky. I will remove the switch first to see if that's cousing the problem.
  4. Hey everyone. My parents drive a 1995 BMW e34 525I AUT E2. They bought it about 8 years ago and still enjoy driving it. There's a good chance that I will be the next owner of the car. One thing that cought my attention a long time ago is the malfunctioning drive mode switch. The car has a Sport, Eco an * (snow) mode. The bmw always starts in Sport mode which I think is strange. But I don't know anyone with an automatic E43, so I'm not sure. After the startup the transmission can only be switched to the Eco mode. After switching to Eco mode the transmission can not be switched to another mode. Only by restarting the vehicle sport mode is activated. So in short: The BMW starts in Sport mode and can only be switched to eco mode, one switched it can't get out of Eco mode. Does anyone know what might be cousing this problem and how it could be fixed? Thanks in advance. Regards Nol