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  1. Hi I have an 18 plate 540i xDrive & I’m having a problem with automating the seat & steering wheel heating in one of the car’s driver profiles. I can’t seem to find anything relating to the issue I’m having but apologise if I’m missing something obvious. So you get the full picture I have 3 keys, 2 ‘ordinary’ keys & 1 display key. When I bought the car I was advised that the display key was not operating correctly and the dealer ordered a new display key which had not arrived at handover. So they gave me an extra ‘ordinary key’ and they posted the display key to me once it was in stock. All 3 keys work perfectly and are associated with their own driver’s profile. I have in all 3 profiles set seat & steering wheel heating exactly the same i.e. they are ‘on’ with the same set temperature trigger. With the 2 ordinary keys the automation works as it should. With the display key the automation does not work for either the seat heating or the steering wheel heating. I am following the manual which says ‘if temperature is reached within 2 minutes after ‘drive ready state’ is activated and the seat belt of the corresponding seat is fastened’ but stubbornly the display key profile refuses to play the same game as the other keys. Are there any wise men who can offer a reason or solution as I am baffled? My car is due to visit the dealer soon for some other warranty work so I will obviously add this to the job sheet if I can’t find a solution offered from the combined knowledge here. Many thanks. Graham