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  1. smaster


    thanks for the advice i have done so, interms of budget it depends on the car but around 15k i would say. only trying to get my hands on one to drive and enjoy before i actually cant afford it.
  2. smaster

    E39 M5 on Collecting Cars.

    Im looking for an M5 myself, looks lovely but its a shame its not a facelift. If anyone knows of anyone selling one please message me privately.
  3. smaster


    Hi i am looking for an e39. wondering if anyone here is currently selling theirs or looking to sell theirs. Please get in touch if you have one and considering to sell. looking to buy to use and drive on weekends
  4. smaster

    E39 M5

    hi mate, I have sent you a pm in regards to your car.
  5. hi all, I am new to this group and on the hunt for an M5 e39 facelift. I have been a long admirer of the car for a while and generally a lover of all things BMW, also owned an e46 m3 silver grey and now looking for something with more power. Also a question to anyone who has driven more than one m car that includes the e39 m5. Is the m5 really the best m car?
  6. smaster


    Hi I am new to this forum, I am really interested in buying an e39 m5. Unlike most people who are buying now for investments, I am not one of those people. I just really admire those cars and was looking to save up to buy one sometime, but as prices have shot up drastically I would like to quickly obtain one before its too late and it will forever remain as a car that is on a poster that I have never driven or owned. I would like a car that is : Facelift full service history Mileage, colour and interior i am flexible Sunroof would be nice but not essential If anyone can help me with my search of an M5 please let me know and any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Sam
  7. smaster

    E39 M5 - Oxford Green

    Hi there is one for sale onlime here is the link not sure if anyone has sent it here before https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202103260633230?model=M5&include-delivery-option=on&postcode=ig38eu&advertising-location=at_cars&transmission=Manual&radius=1501&sort=relevance&make=BMW&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly%20New&onesearchad=Used&page=1