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  1. rabotnika

    coolant drain bleed and refill m52 only

    Yes ok thank you. I wanted to know more about how to drain it properly as I won't be draining the block how many times do I have to drain the radiator in order to get max fluid out? And also under what conditions to do the draining? Proper steps. Thank you.
  2. Hi can someone help with proper steps for radiator only drain of coolant followed by Some parts renewal and Proper way of refilling with coolant and water and bleeding air out to ensure cooling system operation is good. Not sure about dashboard and ac module controls during the bleeding as well as the step by step for the process mainly the radiator drain from the plug. Please looking for advise for the m52 only. Thanks
  3. rabotnika

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    Ok just thought you might know. Post 2002 zf are the suppliers of transmission oil for bmw e39 and x5 not sure for others. But as far as this i was curious to know where you have the information from thanks..
  4. Its away from the plug its not being held by the plug. I will get a can of compressed air. That should be fine.
  5. rabotnika

    Zf5hp24 fluid

    I am curious how do you know for a fact that mobil are the oil in zf bottles? Thanks
  6. that should do it.
  7. rabotnika

    Where do you guys get parts from?

    Meyle is a fake brand same as swag or trucktek vemo they all are cheap substitute for bmw some of them work most of them give problems much sooner than expected. Known as Turkish parts or fake germans.
  8. Cars is outside on the street. Has to use something else for the task.
  9. How to do this?
  10. Rubber end and is now stuck down the well in cylinder 6. I cannot take the spark plug out without removing this firts or it will drop into the combustion chamber. Any way to get rid of it? Its 5x2mm piece of rubber. Probably blast some air onto it.
  11. rabotnika

    Ignition Switch Oem brand?

    I will look at this but really doubt it they are cheaper than schmiedmann.com
  12. rabotnika

    autobox fluid

    Auto transmission often can do 200k miles without oil change. But it is good option to change at 60k followed by top up at every 20k and filter and oil after another 100k and so on. At 40k miles your transmission and oil should be spot on regardless of age. If the car has been used not violently. Car has won 5 or 6 times euro car of the year for a reason. Use bmw filter kit only its german made by filtran complete kits is 70 pounds from the dealer. Zf lifeguard oil 5 is the oil that can be mixed with what's left of your bmw lifetime oil. Do not buy cheap dexron oil or cheap filter kits or gaskets.
  13. rabotnika

    Random overheating......

    Rando. Overheating is caused by coolant leaks. Permanent Overheating is caused by failing cooling modules such as pump or thermostat or drive belt. Also failed clutch fan will destroy the waterpump soon about 5k miles maximum life. Hoses should be soft and spongy and in good health and clips in good condition. Check your coolant weekly top up if necessary. Take the car for pressure test its cheap and will identify blown head gasket or coolant leak.
  14. rabotnika

    Ignition Switch Oem brand?

    Shipping is not included in the price. You have to pay for shipping. Vat is not included it may be avoided in some cases. Schmiedmann.com is good option if you are spending more than 200 on parts.
  15. rabotnika

    Where do you guys get parts from?

    Autodoc i have very positive experience. Great prices, great selection. Seems to be only them who can source the sachs bmw clutch fan for 60 pounds. Everyone else wants over 100. Great price on oils unbeatable 8l of shell hx7 5w40 semi synthetic for 32 pounds. Sell genuine wahler thermostat and hepu waterpump both oem quality. Cheap bulbs. Great price on ignition coils if you need them. Air and cabin filters unbeatable prices. Great on transmission oil prices best I can find. Bmw dealer for fuel filters transmission filter kit or Schmiedmann.com but they don't have the transmission filter kit C3bmw for aux fan unit. Behr oem. Ebay for spark plugs Schmiedmann.com for everything else great price on used bmw rims if you need better options on tyres that is better savings too. Ebay breakers for any steering wheel parts electric windows or inner body parts. Qamazon for oil filters mahle. This is for bmw e39. Great thread. Thanks a lot. Also the fake german brands such as meyle and swag are okay. Avoid vemo and trucktek. Valeo was oem choice for cooling and ignition once sso good too.