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  1. I know right. I've been trying to get answers but never seen anything like that. Bluetooth seems to have some problems connecting or turning on sometimes, but i am guessing that's just because of the amp not turning on correctly. I'll try an old speaker just to be safe.
  2. Got a weird issue on my sound system. After i turn the ignition on, the Amp (BM54) will sometimes turn on the Orange dot as if there's power to the unit, but there's no sound coming out of it.Also left side buttons aren't working. It usually takes a minute or two before the system "Warms up" and then the system is working fine. There's no cutting or anything, and the unit itself has been upgraded by Carphonics. This issue was on there even before i upgraded the unit. Every now and then it does turn on but radio reception is poor or no sound is coming out of it at all. When the weather gets warmer it takes less time to turn on. It has Stage 2 Amp upgrade,Bluetooth and RCA done. This has bothered me for 5 years now and i could use some help to figure it out. I just want my radio/media to turn on right when i turn on the ignition/start the car. Got HiFi sound system no DSP.