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  1. Does Video via USB always need to be coded or do some cars come with the feature already enabled? I have a 2016 F10 with the professional navigation and I have been trying to find a way to get the car to play USB video but I just don’t know how
  2. Rohan

    Idrive USB Video

    Hi, I apologise if I have posted this message under any wrong sections as I am new to this forum. I own a 2016 520d M Sport with Professional Navigation and I believe the NBT idrive system, I was under the impression that USB video may be played via the idrive but I cannot figure out how it may be done, I have had countless attempts and I have put mp4 files onto several USB drives none of which have been played, only the audio of the file, is there anyway someone could suggest why this may be or if it’s possible my vehicle cannot do this? Many thanks, Rohan