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  1. can man

    Full brake/pad service due

    You will not need discs at that mileage so pads all around would be ok and on a guess back pads should be ok for awhile yet but an easy check
  2. You an buy a bye pass on ebay for a few £s its a 5 min fit as its normally the passenger occupancy sensor in the seat base that triggers this fault
  3. can man

    High pitch scrapping noise

    Leaving to November is a silly idea for the sake of a 5 minute check wonder what other service and checks you keep putting off
  4. can man

    Metal Ping/Ting noise from rear

    Jack car up and check disc backing plates for movement they are prone to break and will give a tingling noise as the touch the disc easy fix using a washer
  5. can man

    McGard locking nut removal

    Had same happen beat 17mm socket over and removed using impact gun borrowed master set from BMW and removed other 3 lock nuts and fitted normal nuts
  6. can man

    Any quick fixes?

    Try looking in a BMW breakers
  7. You do not need to remove the carrier for the caliber to remove the disc on a F10 front
  8. Check out Davanti tyres good mid range tyre and a fair price im running them on my f10 530 with no problems at all
  9. A failed EGR valve will throw up those faults a common fault on F10/F11 best way is to fit a new one buy genuine from BMW not that expensive
  10. can man

    Front caliper slider bolt size

    GEO147 IF you are near border just nip across and buy them or any good auto factor close to you will be fine
  11. fuse is in fuse box behind glove box cant remember number it is but its not easy to get at without removing a lot of panels but it can be done
  12. can man

    Rear brake pads f11 problem

    Check the wire from the sensor has not rubbed and shorted setting off the replace brake pads message . Quick fix is cut sensor wire bare ends and join tape up and light and replace brake message will be off
  13. check on ebay i was able to buy a leather dye same colour and it tidied up my door handle
  14. Fitted new condenser for air con regassed and and replaced pollen filters and did an oil service and fuel filter change
  15. can man

    Possible dumb question!

    It is possible to change the front discs without removing the carrier for the caliber on all of the 5 series as i have done both my e60 and f10 models