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  1. treffynnon

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    @Ray112 I've only had my 530d Tourer a few months but the first time I took my wife for a spin in it she said, "As soon as we are allowed can we drive to Italy?" Yeah, it's what it's built for!
  2. treffynnon

    Whine from Aircon

    @Ray112 @Dbcrd Thanks for the input. There is no obvious link to the fan, my guess is it just needs some tlc. I’ll take it to a specialist and get it checked.
  3. treffynnon

    Whine from Aircon

    Thanks. I know a man......
  4. treffynnon

    Whine from Aircon

    Hi folks I have a new noise! Now and again the aircon in my 530d starts to whine. Usually it's a fairly low sound but occasionally develops into quite a high pitched whine. Then as suddenly as it started it will stop. Given the current outside temperature I'd whine without the aircon! Is this likely to be something about to fail? What might be the cause, failing bearing, compressor on the blink? Any suggestions much appreciated. Thanks. Steve
  5. treffynnon

    Hi, Another New Arrival

    Yes it's auto. Any other suggestions? I'm fortunate in that my local mechanic worked for the local BMW dealer in the E39 era and he's been all over it. He's in love with the car and suggested I garage it and watch it increase in value or sell to to him!
  6. treffynnon

    Hi, Another New Arrival

    Thanks Duncan; it may well be my last car!
  7. treffynnon

    Hi, Another New Arrival

    Hi Folks My first post here. I wasn't looking for an E39, in fact I'd never considered owning one (although I did once have an E36 ragtop), but it sort of fell in my lap and it would have been rude not to take it. So my daily car is now a 53 plate 530d Touring that had done 60k miles when I got it in April. I know it's provenance and it's in immaculate condition and has been well cared for. It's really only suffered from lack of use in the last dozen years, whilst the previous owner lived abroad and only used it a couple of weeks a year when visiting the UK. So far I've had fitted new front disks and steering bushes and it drives like new. Oh and I've replaced the tape head unit with something more modern with CarPlay. How I love this car! This sudden outbreak of hot weather has revealed a whine from the aircon. Any suggestions on what it is likely to be would be much appreciated. Thanks. Steve
  8. treffynnon

    E39 Discs and pads for free

    Spikey Hi, I’d love ‘em! I’m in West Wales but daughter is in Bristol and wife will be there this weekend so with a little bribery should be able to arrange something. Rather than fill this space with arrangements you can mail me: steve@treffynnon.com Thanks Steve