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  1. Rick F11

    Which diagnostics for a beginner

    Cheers Jimmy, Out of Ista and e-sys, which would you recommend, and anywhere I can get the software from.
  2. Rick F11

    Which diagnostics for a beginner

    Hi all, I currently have a Foxwell NT414 OBD Scanner however am looking to buy a better system so I can do basic coding for new batteries etc on my F11 I’m after some advice on which one to get, that is easy to use and understand, and what equipment I would need to use it. Regards Rick
  3. Rick F11

    Pedestrian Impact System Activation

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the advice, unfortunately I’m not good with the spanner’s so will need a garage to do the work. It may also need a new bonnet, so decided to go down the insurance route as it could be expensive. I may look at disabling the system after as there are quite a lot of wild deer where I live, and don’t want to have the same issues again. Regards Rick
  4. Hi all, Can anyone give me advice as the pedestrian impact system has activated after I unfortunately hit a small deer. I was breaking and hit the deer at around 15 mph, the deer ran off and no damage to the car apart from the pedestrian impact system has raised the bonnet a few inches. I’m thinking of going through my insurance if the cost is going to be expensive, but wondered if there is anything I could do to fix this before booking it in at the dealer. Any advice gratefully received.