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  1. Ayrshirelassy

    Vibration when accelerating

    I actually thought it sounded rubbery so that could be a shout indeed
  2. Ayrshirelassy

    Vibration when accelerating

    Hi there, anyone shed any light on this? If I come to a nice road where she can stretch her legs, when I sink the accelerator and the gears drop, as it takes off there is a loud, deep vibrating noise for a few seconds until it climbs up a few gears. The vibration is also apparent through the seat to a degree at 60-70. It’s a 530d, 2010, has done a zillion miles, wheels all balanced etc recently. TIA
  3. Ayrshirelassy

    Parking brake switch

    Magic thank you!
  4. Ayrshirelassy

    Parking brake switch

    Sorry to resurrect this ghost, did any of you fit this to a 530d? I’m struggling to find a compatible button, eBay sellers don’t ha e this model listed but the link above says it fits 530i and 535d, which I assume would have the same setup. eBay sellers confirming they’re not the right size but I can’t find which one is!