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  1. Pimpollo

    F10 530d

    After 6 trouble free years with a 320d se it was time for a change and a beautiful 530d came up in Barrow in Furness, the deal was quickly done and its had the full valet treatment on its first weekend at its new home. A mere 23k miles, it runs like the proverbial dream
  2. Pimpollo

    My first BMW - E28 528i

    What a beautiful car, had an e28 poster on the wall back in the day, great to see such a gorgeous example out on the road
  3. Pimpollo


    I do, limited skills but let me know if I can help..
  4. Pimpollo

    My E26!

    That's a smart job, well done
  5. I'll throw in a name - original Ford Puma. Don't laugh but.... I know it's a Fiesta 'in drag' but had one as a hire car in Spain 20 years ago, surprisingly comfortable but handing was on a par with an early Alfasud, I think rot has taken most of them away (like Alfasuds then...).
  6. Pimpollo

    First day with the F10 Lci 520d Sport

    Looks beautiful, you've done a great job valeting it in my opinion. I've just bought a 530d and test drove a 520d prior to it, personally I did find it a little underpowered. Having said that we can't really speed these days with cameras at every turn so how much that extra power is needed in the real world I'm not certain but, whatever, that's a lovely car.
  7. Pimpollo

    F10 530d

    Thanks Liam, it was a 280 mile round trip from Newcastle but well worth it. The colour, spec and condition had me signing on the dotted line pretty quickly. Whoever gets my 320d se there will be getting an excellent car as well.
  8. Pimpollo

    F10 530d

    Back in the early 80s I had an e28 525e poster on my wall and it's long been a desire/dream to have a 5 series in my garage. In the meantime 2 x Civics, 1x Accord, 1x Audi 90 20v quattro, 1x Golf Gti mk5, 1x e90 318i, 1x e90 320d and a stellar Corrado vr6 have been in my hands but a trip to (of all places) Barrow in Furness brought me to an f10 530d se with a mere 22k miles on it. It's a quite beautiful car, effortless power delivery with style thrown in as well. I can't see me selling this for a long, long time..
  9. Pimpollo

    Light of day, 1st time in 5 years

    What an absolute beauty well done and as a daily driver it would be a great choice. I smiled when I saw your reference to white vinegar, I used to live in Spain and drive a Corrado Vr6. Cooling issues were the Achilles heel of this car and once I went to the garage and they had flushed the cooling system out only to refill it with white vinegar. They ran the car to get it moving around the system and you would not believe the extra crap that came out when they flushed it thru again!
  10. They sure do. I've got an e90 320d 65k miles, never a fault at any time. In 2 weeks I'm off to see a e39 with 28k miles I hope that'll be even better
  11. Those bores are 'as new', they're just amazing for a car with 130k miles (I think you said that was the mileage?).
  12. That's right it was the estate he did it on about a month ago you're quite correct. There's a young Belgian guy called Memphis who's doing an e28 who's very good as well but M539 will hit 1m subscribers within a year I would say he's top notch.
  13. I think you're being very modest here, your work is excellent and the results will show that. For me m539 is the best as the guy is a complete perfectionist who's also very amusing as well. He is working on the following at the moment - e38 7 series, e31 8 series and e60 5 series - I'm trying to remember which one was the one he did the vanos on, if I remember I'll let you know. His videos are quite long but you'll soon be hooked I assure you. Good luck with the car is going great at the moment.
  14. Thought so, don't know if you subscribe to M539 restorations on YouTube, for me it's the best bmw channel on there, he did a Vanos rebuild on a recent upload, it was excellent.
  15. Is that the vanos in the bottom photo??