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  1. Rob319zd

    Battery issue

    Thanks for this! I'm now doing 70 miles commuting a day so hopefully that'll correct it. Otherwise it'll be put on charge at the weekend. I plugged an OBD2 icar in this morning seeing if theres any chance that would do anything (didn't) but what I did note was under the battery coding on Bimmer Tool it only had the options 90ah and 105ah for batteries. The one installed is 95ah, could this affect it by any chance?
  2. Rob319zd

    Battery issue

    Hello I've just purchased a 2010 f11 touring 520d. When viewing the car there was a warning that the battery requires replacing when convenient. The seller (2nd hand car dealer) said this was because it's been standing for some time and 'should' go. Anyway I got a fair bit of money off because the front pads need replacing soon which I can do myself. Didn't want the dealer to complete this work as I prefer OEM parts. Looking through the paperwork I found a small crumbled receipt which was a warranty for a battery fitted in 2019 from Halfords. Also in last years service (march 2020) it was noted that this warning light was on then. I've come to the conclusion that the battery may not have been registered by Halfords (if it was even fitted by them) back in 2019 leaving the warning there since then. Am I right in thinking that for this warning to be corrected the battery needs to be registered correctly? If so can a two year old battery be registered as I've read elsewhere that it should only be a brand new one? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks