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  1. James Austin

    m57 rail pressure sensor error

    good day It would seem that my troubles with the fuel rail sensor are still continuing the car starts just fine but very down on power when driving. in inpa on analog values i get a fuel rail pressure of 0 while my pre pump supply is about 3,6bar. there is obviously pressure to the bar as the engine runs smooth just no power ( under acceleration the turbo only reaches around 1250 mbar before the actuator opens and lets all the boost out. im sure this is due to the dde thinking that the fuel rail pressure is zero so its releasing boost as to not run lean) the issue is when in error memory i get this error. (both of these were taken at engine off but the one was abit later hence the lower pre supply pressure) if you translate the error message at the bottom it states that "Error currently present short circuit after B-" IN my mind that tells me that the rail sensor is poked, but i am unsure of it . in other error memory that ive had it says that the fuel rail pressure is 0 aswell I am very unsure of what to think right now Any help or advice would be appreciated Cheers
  2. James Austin

    e39 530d no rail pressure?

    @TerryTibbs i think il give that a go! Thanks
  3. James Austin

    e39 530d no rail pressure?

    Good day I'm getting an error on inpa saying fuel rail pressure 0 bar, and then when i go into analog values it shows that my rail pressure is indeed 0. I've tested the sensor using an oscilloscope while the engine is running and i am getting a wave and its changing how it should but yet inpa still picks the value up as constant 0 ,iv tried cleaning the contacts but yet no luck. This is causing major power loss as whenever you rev the car above 1500 the turbo vnt opens and then there is no boost (im sure this is happening because the engine doesn't want to run lean due to it thinking there is inadequate fuel pressure in the common rail). Any advice on what the issue could be? could it be that the fuel sensor is showing a wave( to me on the oscilloscopecope) but maybe not the right one that the dde can interpret cheers James
  4. James Austin

    E39 530d map sensor issue

    Thank you very much @Clavurion
  5. James Austin

    E39 530d map sensor issue

    Good day I am having an issue with my car( e39 530d manual) where the map sensor plug was cut off and a new one was taped on by a workshop, the issue is that when the map sensor is plugged in the dde light comes on and the throttle pedal becomes completely unresponsive and the car has a high idle of about 1000rpm constantly. If you unplug the map sensor the car starts and runs just fine but is lacking alot of power. I would like to know what color cable goes where on the map( the sensor on the back of the inlet manifold) sensor plug so i can know if the workshop has messed up the wiring or if my map sensor is dead. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. cheers