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  1. devil84

    Stealth sub added to hk.

    hi, i have just done a technic PNP install with stealth sub from Visual Ice. Sounds brilliant. Will post more details when back fitted
  2. devil84


    Post bump. Do you know what fuse would be best to wire to turn on an aftermarket amp
  3. devil84

    online entertainment issues HELP

    i am also finding it much better the integration of the car vs car play (displays track on HUD in full, so you can scroll through, and voice command makes it easier to switch tracks etc)
  4. Hi, i got a subscription to online entertainment for another year or so. However how do i access the Deezer music? when i try to regsiter under Deezer it says i need a premium account. does this mean i need an online subscription account AND Deezer premium?? seems quite a bit as Online entertainment is £160 per year and Deezer premium would cost another £120... i have never got it working and the local dealer can't help either.
  5. devil84

    online entertainment issues HELP

    Thanks. Finally got this working. Registered in the car and got it working. May have been something to do with bmw sorting /resetting the connected drive for me. First impressions is that the sound quality is better than apple car play but will need to test for longer
  6. devil84

    online entertainment issues HELP

    Thanks mate. Will have a go when I get car back.
  7. devil84

    online entertainment issues HELP

    i basically get this screen. do i select no "create new account"?? will the Deezer know that i have online entertainment and give me the premium package? i am sure i tried this before and it did not work, but i will try again. the car is at the dealer to fix some other stuff but the BMW genius said i need both online entertainment AND Deezer premium!
  8. devil84

    online entertainment issues HELP

    the car is in still in the dealership, so I will try it when i get back. It says somethings alongs line on the idrive "thank you for purchasing online entertainment, you can extend the account using this email address i don;t recognise. I am the second owner of the car, the first owner being BMW. So i then get presented with an option to create new account, i choose deezer (over napster) and then it says continue with an existing Deezer premium account (which i don't have). I thought it was included within the online entertainment. I wonder if i need to somehow log into the email address i don;t regonise. I would have to contact bmw for that?#
  9. devil84

    online entertainment issues HELP

    Interesting. The local dealer said I need deezer premium and online entertainment. I only have the latter. When I try to register on online entertainment. It says do i want to register with deezer or napster. When I choose deezer it says do i have an existing deezer premium account (which I don't have). That's where it gets very confusing! Dealer then said I need deezer premium. Do you remember how you actually registered? Thanks for your input.
  10. devil84

    G30 Extended Warranty

    hi all, my 3 year standard manufacturer warranty is ending soon. Just wondering do people here normally take out the extended warranty?