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  1. Marcyian

    Gear lever joy stick

    I have the standard LCI gear lever. Could I fit this one I prefer the look. Not fussed on sports more
  2. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    Thanks mate That's exactly what I have. There is no codes tho only the e clutch which is getting rebuild. Not sure how can start the car in N won't let me when it's in P has to start in P
  3. Gave her a clean yesterday came up pretty well. Maguire's foam all I had left lol Wheels gave autoglym new fall out remover seems quite good tbf, Autobrite cherry glaze and fusso king of gloss. Tyres dressed with autobrite tyres gel. She will be having a full machine polish when I order some new pads gave 2 panels a try out and very impressed how the car came up. Been washed with a brick previously ATM the paint is in a sorry state. While I was at it. The steering wheel had a good clean with autobrite leather cleanse. For a quick clean. And just to see how she would turn out not bad for a old girl. Can't wait till I have finished the cleaning up.
  4. Marcyian

    Speedo LEDs

    Going be changing LEDs in the Speedo soon. Couple of questions to those that have some it. I've seen some how2s that to spring the rings. What do you need to spray can't get why need to spray them lol. Also the needles can they be changed colour with new smds seen mixed that they can't be changed. Thanks.
  5. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    No there no history of one been done. I'm getting a rebuild in about a month as got a e code on the gearbox
  6. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    Only done 118k
  7. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    Actually it's more a side to side wobble jolt not a forward jolt
  8. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    Yea it does lurch slightly it's in park when it starts. Knock from the front would play in driveshaft or guibo make it clunk from front.
  9. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    This is the sound it makes can't figure where it's coming from. VID_20210222_122133.mp4
  10. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    It's a auto 6 speed. Al get a video on my break seen a few videos on YouTube same sound mainly on the likes of m3s m5s
  11. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    Would have to ask work to poke about. Tried the cross brace that's tight as hell. Sounds like comes from drivers side engine.
  12. Marcyian

    Clank jolt

    Hi guys. My 2008 525d LCI make a clank with a jolt on start up only a single clank soon as the engine has started. Does it about 80% of the time any ideas where I should be looking sort it. Thanks
  13. Marcyian

    Hey I'm new

    Hi guys I'm new. I'm Marcy from Scotland Picked up my E60 couple weeks ago. Love it couple issues need sorting but will be asking more about them as time goes on. Car is a 2008 LCI 525d m sport done a couple little things will be alot more to come