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  1. Gte86

    E39 Touring air suspension (again)

    Which bags did you go for in the end? Mine sank while I was in Devon a few weeks back. Been fine since but I imagine they are the originals so they are on my very long to do list
  2. Wonder if it'll pop up for 4k in a few weeks?
  3. I was expecting a different price to he written in the advert. Reckon my parent would mind if they can home from holiday and found a 530iT on axle stands on their drive ?
  4. This popped up on autotrader. Surely its worth selling the wheels and cats and breaking? That's if its rotten http://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202109167458728?atmobcid=soc3
  5. Gte86

    530i cats

    If anyone has a cat lying around and can read the numbers on it there are plenty of people on fb etc who can do an online price. If I was selling my cat I would unbolt both ends and grind my reg into it, clearly not ripped off in a car park that way. I think the money has to be paid into a bank account if you take it to a scrapyard as well
  6. Gte86

    Oil Leaks and ABS warning

    All I can add is that the price seems high for an se and that the current owner only purchased it 16 months ago. I never like the idea of cars being moved around so quickly. I keep mine for years and get my monies worth
  7. Gte86

    E39 M5.

    Got to be worth 50k innit
  8. Gte86

    Auto gearbox, neutral override?

    Can you not just disconnect coils packs and spin it over on the starter until it has oil pressure? If the starter isn't strong enough to 'unseize' it them it will need stripping fully anyway
  9. Gte86

    530i cats

    It seems they aren't interested in diesel cats at all. Even if they are only worth a tenner there is a couple in my yard at work that you could have off in seconds. They have taken cats from mk4 golf 1.8t, mk1 tt 3.2, Merc 240e? And a couple of hondas. I'm just wondering if it's worth cashing in and selling my valuable cat and decatting with a nice stainless mid and rear with the money from the cats ?
  10. Gte86

    530i cats

    Milton keynes. We have had 5 cats go from cars which have been in the car park in the last 3 months or so.
  11. Gte86

    530i cats

    They did a merc with the cats in a similar position outside my work a couple weeks ago. Came at midnight and didn't care when the alarm started going off. 8 minutes and they have got a tidy profit
  12. Gte86

    530i cats

    I'm wondering if I can sell the originals to fund a stainless replacement
  13. Gte86

    530i cats

    The number of cats going missing around where I live is ridiculous. My 530i still has its original cats and the flanges are almost non existent. Do these cars struggle with a decat, ie lambda not liking the unchanged readings. I'm debating removing the cats completely or taking mine off and fitting a cheaper aftermarket. What are peoples thought on aftermarket cats? Ideally I'd like to change the exhaust for something more fruity but the local place seems to give extortionate prices
  14. Are they actually selling for these prices?