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  1. Gte86

    Breaking E39 M5

    How much for rear ARB? Posted to milton keynes
  2. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    I wasn't sure if they would just reuse the old trim? I'll give them a call Monday and get booked in
  3. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    Am I right in thinking I need parts 1 and 3?
  4. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    51318159784 is £41 from MK BMW so I'm gonna get one for next week.
  5. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    Is the windscreen seal 51318159784 on realoem? Going to order that and the rubber bump stops. It's a car I am keeping so want to do it properly and change all bits that could be perished etc
  6. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    Not got round to it yet. Thanks for your help
  7. I'm not looking at doing it for a few weeks yet. If they are still available then I may be Interested
  8. I've read somewhere on fb about people fitting the Bose spare wheel sub into other cars. Is this something I can do in the e39 easily enough? Ideally I want to upgrade the speakers and get a bit of base. I have the original single din head unit and tape deck with 6 disc changer in the boot. Any advice greatly appreciated. My experience with stereos has always just been on older cars so I've just run all new wiring. Thanks in advance Tom
  9. Gte86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    It tastes so much better after a busy day too
  10. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    Definitely going thru insurance and want to use a big company so it's well warrantied. I believe I need a screen for auto lights and auto wipers. Is there an option for this with a tint? Realoem is a minefield of different markets
  11. Gte86

    Windscreen required

    The artic conditions have turned a small chip on my windscreen into a foot long crack. It's a blessing in disguise as the wind noise I get from the screen is atrocious. Am I right in thinking there is a technique for fitting the e39 screen? Don't won't to teach autoglass to suck eggs but want it done properly. Any links to technical bulletin appreciated. Is there anything else I'm best to replace while I'm there? Seals and surrounds etc. Thanks Tom
  12. Gte86

    Non sport bumper

    The hole they fit in is a funny shape. I just blanked mine off.
  13. Gte86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took my kids to visit an abandoned farm near us. May of accidentally 'lost control' and done some mud skids as we left