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  1. Gte86

    Hoping to become a 530i Touring owner

    @d_a_n1979 £500 pound price drop on the Irish plate one
  2. Gte86

    Battery impact gun

    I haven't really used any apart from the ridiculously expensive snap on ones. Take the torque values quoted with a pinch of salt. My dewalt will struggle with some rusted bolts (audi driveshafts) and its listed as about 1000nm of breakaway torque
  3. Gte86

    Battery impact gun

    Do you own any dewalt 18v tools? I have used the dewalt dcf899 for 5 years daily as a mechanic and its still going. You can get a bare unit for 150 if you have the batteries already.
  4. Gte86

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Thanks for the thought Toughguy but unfortunately I'm looking for a straight 6. I've got use of a hotrod for my v8 kicks and I'm saying the Bmw v8 for my midlife crisis.
  5. Gte86

    Hoping to become a 530i Touring owner

    Don't get me wrong I'm aware the youngest e39 is still 15 years old, but some wear better that others
  6. Gte86

    Hoping to become a 530i Touring owner

    The Irish plate one? The mot fail in 2017 put me off that. Rear subframe attachment corrosion. Not sure how severe that is or how well repaired it was put I've seen cars go for less with cleaner mot histories
  7. Gte86

    E39 530i Touring

    Hi I am after an E39 530i Touring. Automatic and preferable a M Sport although i won't discount a tidy SE. Colour wise I'm not too fussed but I would like a darker interior if possible. I have a budget of around 4k and I'm in Newport Pagnell but prepared to travel. If you have anything of interest please let me know. Thanks Tom
  8. Gte86

    Hoping to become a 530i Touring owner

    Yours does look lovely Sandip but I'm after a touring. I wish could make a saloon work but the dog would destroy it in no time. I'm not on Facebook but I'll stick a post on here and keep an eye out. There is a couple on autotrader and gumtree but they are high money and the mot history screams of neglect. I'm not necessarily looking at mileage as I'm well aware a well maintained 180k is better than a 120k with lack of preventative maintenance. My friend had a E61 535d and is trying to convince me that I need that amount of torque in my life
  9. Gte86

    Hoping to become a 530i Touring owner

    I'm saving the E38 V8 for my midlife crisis. I've got a budget of around 4.5k but ideally I would like to spend around 3 on a car and then spend the rest on suspension refresh, gearbox filter, full service and coolant system overhaul. I would like an m sport as they just look mean in my eyes. Typically it seems I missed the ideal car at the wkend
  10. Hi I'm Tom I'm 34 and from Newport Pagnell Had a few cars over the years. Starting off on Nova GTEs and then a homebuilt Redtop Nova with NOS. A few years down the line and I've got an Audi A4 b6 pd130. I've been after an E38 735i for ages and now I've got the money together I've realised it's not as practical for my large family and dogs. So change of plan. I'm after an e39 530iA touring. I'm here for any advise on things to check when buying and faults to look out for. I'm a mechanic by trade so I know my way around a car and I'm confident on the spanners. I can't wait to have a touring so I can get a trailer and get my dads 33 Ford hotrod out to some shows on it.
  11. Gte86

    E39 530iA Sport Touring

    That's a shame. If for any reason it doesn't go give us a shout Tom
  12. Gte86

    E39 530iA Sport Touring

    Hi I am interested in this. I'm only in Milton Keynes so quite local. Is it possible to arrange a viewing? Tom