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  1. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    Hi guys me again 5000miles further on, trying to thing logically about this issue I still have does anyone know what the standard boost pressure is on these n47 engines? I've given the map sensor a good soak and I'm not getting a reading of 1.3 bar but the car is asking for 1.6bar, Ive unfortunately no idea if the car has been previously mapped and it has an unachievable target pressure causing my issue,, So again be great to know what the standard boost pressure should be and what a remapped cars boost pressure would be? Cheers all!!
  2. Jamiestevenbell

    F11 se to m sport retrofit

    Hi guys I'm after abit of advice I'm looking to swap my se front bumper with an m sport one other than simpily buying the bumper with grills and fog lights is there anything else I'd need to get it to fit? Also I know I've obviously still got the m sport sill covers, is there any sill blades available for the se sill covers? Any help appreciated
  3. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    Whats the driver adaptations? Is that something that can be some with bimmerlite? Cheers for the help
  4. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

  5. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    I'll not get into that debate all I'm after Is sorting my issues I have thanks
  6. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    I just wanna remove them and the egr anyway to futureproof things especially while the inlet is off for cleaning,
  7. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    Cars done 168k
  8. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    OK I've actually ordered a swirl flap removal kit already so the inlet manifold will have to come off and be cleaned. Can turbo seals actually fail that way i thought its normally smoke or whining on turbo failure, I suppose the turbo veins could be stuck?
  9. Jamiestevenbell

    Bmw 2010 f11 520d

    Hi guys I'm after abit of advice I've got a 520d drives completely fine normally but If I'm kicking it's head in between 70mph and 80mph I get a drive train error message, the car doesn't jerk or anything nasty and no excess smoke, I've read the fault code and it's 244C00 boost pressure too low. I removed the map sensor and gave it a clean with egr cleaner as it was caked in crud and refitted, I've replaced both vacume control modules with new oem items too ans replaced a split vacume hose but still it's not right, Just after some pointers of what next, part of me says just replace all the vacume hoses as there isn't many anyway, another part of me thinks is the boost sensor shafted, I've read the sensors on a test run through bimmerlink and I can only achieve 2 bar of boost where as the cars requesting 2.6bar Anyone had this experience?