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  1. BC58DOG

    N47 timing chain cost replacement

    Kent based? Did you get a quote from H&C Maidstone. They told be about £1K
  2. BC58DOG

    Particle Filter Fault Warning

    Had this its a warning. Took it to my specialist and they did an overnight clean. Told if you ignore you may get to the point you see power loss and may need replacement.
  3. BC58DOG

    F11 Kent

    Think N47 150PS Had clutch etc. at about 110K miles all looked good, no noise or sign of wear. Did 90K in first three years looks like mainly motorway miles.
  4. BC58DOG

    F11 Kent

    62 plate F11 with 180+k miles thought it might be useful to join.
  5. BC58DOG

    H&C motors

    Another satisfied customer