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  1. Tompug206

    Control unit not found INPA

    Hi guys, First time using INPA and having difficulty accessing the correct control unit so I can check individual modules. The attachment shows the error I'm getting, I can run and clear fault codes easily so it is connecting to the car. I had a similar issue with the rain light sensor, in that it couldn't find the control unit that I had. I added a new line in the .eng file and all was sorted. Can this be done for my issue aswell? Thanks!
  2. Hi, As title says...on my 2007 LCI E61 530D I still have the original battery from 2007. This is verified by the stamp on negative terminal. I'm starting to have a couple of warnings come up and heater blowers not on full etc. So to rule out the IBS, is there anyway to check both the battery and IBS in INPA? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I've had my E61 for around 3 years and have always been impressed with how quiet it is for a bit diesel. The last couple of months I've noticed it seems to sound louder than before..it has no knocking or rattling at idle but it just sounds like a typical VW diesel engine. It's also got a louder sound from the tailpipe aswell..almost like a wooshing sound from the tips. Is there anything that can cause this? It's due a service next month so I'll be swapping out the oil and filter. Maybe this will help? I have the EGR deleted but not remapped out (no error codes). I've also started to see the glow plug light flash up before starting the car and the car runs rough for a few seconds after start up with a puff of smoke. Could it be the glow plugs or the module causing this? I'm thinking it may just be the colder weather but it seems to be noiser once up to temp as well. Thanks.
  4. Tompug206

    What to look for with battery drain and IBS

    Not replaced it since I've had the car. Which is 3 years or so.
  5. Tompug206

    What to look for with battery drain and IBS

    This is exactly what I'm having. Shut the engine down and get the warning quickly. Hopefully a new battery will sort it. Did you have yours registered?
  6. Sorry to post another battery post but can't seem to find the info I need. Car is E61 530D LCI. I've recently had the 'increased battery drain" and 'battery charge very low!' warnings. Strange thing is I never have them when I first open the car and put the key in. I only ever have them once I've shut the car off after any length drive. Voltage when running is 14.5-15v. When car is off after shutdown it steadily drops from 14.5 all the way down to 12.2v. If I put the key back in after that it drops to 11.8v. I've never had any issues with the car not starting, I'm only getting the error messages. Wasn't sure if this points to IBS lead? I've removed all discs and cd changer to see if that was running after shutdown and that's made no difference. My welcome lights don't always come on when I unlock the car now either, sometimes they do. Any help would be great.