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  1. AndyThilo

    First Wash :)

    I’m not one for washing cars really, but I do enjoy the results. This is my 19 plate 530e. Changed the front grills to gloss black which I think finish her off now shes clean. When the weather clears up a bit, I’ll spend some time claying, polishing and sealing her. Nothing fancy this time though, just a pressure rinse, cleaned wheels/tyres, washed and dried using Meguiars last touch as a drying aid. Tyres dressed with Zaino Z16.
  2. AndyThilo

    2019 G30 HK Subwoofer Replacement?

    Hi Dennis Thanks for the reply :). I'm going to try some EQ settings as recommended from another forum first but I'm pretty sure it won't have the rock base I desire. My previous car, Mazda 6 had a Bose setup and that was rubbish for base. In fact, in the Gen 3 they removed the boot sub for cost saving. I fitted an 8" sub and small amp and it made a world of difference. Could be all I need for the BMW but I'll have to investigate how to tap into the HK to give me an output to the sub. Thanks Andy
  3. HiJust picked up my 2019 530e and it has the HK system but feel it's lacking bass. I listen primarily to rock/hard rock, ACDC, Alter Bridge, Shinedown.Seems there are quite a few options to replace the under-seat subs but wonder if anyone has done it and what the results are with the stock amplifier.These are what I've found so far -bmGround ZeroFocal ISubBMW 8Bavsound GhostEtonMatchVibeLots of options, but I'm only interested in ones that play well with the OEM amplifier.ThanksAndy
  4. AndyThilo

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Were they hard to fit? Airbag out? Bit worried about doing that on the 530e .
  5. AndyThilo

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Perfect many thanks
  6. AndyThilo

    My 540ix Bluestone Build

    Looks lovely! Have you got a link for the replacement shifter paddles please?
  7. AndyThilo

    Newbie G30 Owner

    Thanks, on my way to pick her up now
  8. My 2019 G30 has the standard LED headlights with the horrid orange indicator bulbs. Has anyone swapped them out for silver coated or LEDs? Any errors with LEDs?
  9. Hi Joe Do you still have these? Will they be ok on a G30 530e M Sport? Thanks Andy
  10. AndyThilo

    Newbie G30 Owner

    Hi Picking up my G30 530e M Sport this week, first ever BMW and first petrol car in a LONG time lol. No brainer as my company car (my company), the company car tax is less than my existing Mazda 6. The only option I wanted that I can't get is the adaptive cruise, but that's pretty rare by all accounts. Car is decent spec though, Bluestone, Comfort Pack, M-Sport Plus pack, Tech Pack (I think). I say I think as the car has Head-up Display, Wifi Hotspot, wireless charging, but not sure it has the display key... (not that I'm overly bothered). I don't have many plans for mods, possibly black grills and a sub if the HK doesn't have enough base :). I would have liked the new facelift but prices won't be coming down for at least 12-18 months to somewhere sensible and this is less than £27k, 19 plate with 14k miles. Here's a pic of her: Cheers Andy