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  1. ben_pf

    M5 front spoiler availability

    That's brilliant Mick, thanks for detailing that all out. I'll get onto the dealers tomorrow and order it up. Much happier at getting the proper one that the replicas
  2. Evening All, does anyone know if the M5 front lower spoiler is NLA or is it still available? Thought someone may already know before I pester the dealer P/N 51711935 114
  3. ben_pf

    E28 springs wanted

    As per title, can be standard M20 springs. Ideally M tech or similar. Anything which is not as low as the current springs (Apex I think) thanks all for the help!
  4. Would anyone have a guide or is able to give a few pointers on how to check the sunroof drains? I'd like to keep on top of them, as so far (touch wood) I've not had any issues with them
  5. ben_pf

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    Not sure how I missed that, thank you! Seems like it closed up or was renamed, as there doesn’t seem much information on them, but glad I’ve the above to get a sticker printed up and try restore some originality to the car
  6. Hi Tref, Does the car have the onboard computer and the check control system?
  7. ben_pf

    Rear Window Dealer Stickers

    I've been trying to track down which dealer my E28 originally came from so I can get the original stickers on. I suspect it's a dealer in the greater London area based on previous owners, although plate would suggest oxford area.. Found a reference on a build spec sheet saying; Selling dealer 16277 Colv&Hench A Any ideas? Google doesn't give much
  8. ben_pf

    E28 Wanted

    That is stunning but unfortunately an M5 guise would be out of my budget. Thanks for the help though! Hopefully a good one comes up soon, itching to get back into a classic BMW
  9. ben_pf

    e28 project

    Nice to see another member from this side of the pond on here! Enjoyed reading you're thread, and hope to get into an E28 myself (hence joining). Have had and still have a few E36's and an E30 but have always loved the E28 and now is the time for one! Look forward to more updates!
  10. ben_pf

    E28 Wanted

    Hi All, I'm on the lookout to purchase an E28, ideally in Schwartz but open to other colours. I just want a solid, good condition original car to enjoy. Engine/model I'm not particular on so long as it's a 6 cylinder, but a good condition 4 cylinder I wouldn't look past either. I'm hoping there is a few owners in the know here that can point me in the right direction or may be willing to part with something in their collection. Thanks