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  1. presscot

    Electric seats conversion

    I got a pair of M-individual seats from E32 that said to be able to fit into E34 directly. The problem is these seats are not electric powering. But my E34 has powered seats. Could anyone help to suggest how to modify these seats to be powered, please? Thank you in advance
  2. presscot

    Which one is better?

    I’m looking for new exhaust system to my ‘90 525i M50. Found 2 choices of secondhand. The sellers claim their goods are the best. I cannot judge which one is better? A - the seller claim it was taken out from only-35,000 km. car. But it has all black paint coat which I’m not sure if it’s factory paint and a few rust. B - it is the one in a red circle. No rust at all but don’t coated in black. Don’t know if it was cleaned the black coating or not. Please suggest which one should I buy.
  3. presscot

    Gear engage R itself!

    My 1990 525i M50 Automatic has a problem that when slide to N gear position, a few second, sometimes it engages R by itself in spite of the gear shifter remains at N position. Please help. What should be checked?
  4. presscot

    Electric fan works suddenly at key ON position

    Found it. The insulation of thermostat (at the right of radiator) was collapsed. Thus, the terminals connected together. I fixed by bending the terminals away from each other and glued it by silicone. Now, the fan is working normally. Thanks all
  5. I got a problem after installed M5 badge on the grill. When turning the key to ON position, the electric fan suddenly works even though water temp is cold (the car was parked for a few hours and ambient temp was about 25c). Please help, what should be checked?
  6. I’m new to E34. Got a MY1990 525iA 24V. The car came without specific tool for removing the centre wheel cap of alloy wheels. Can I remove the original wheels without using specific tool, a big hex-head wrench that generally located at the spare tyre mount?
  7. presscot

    Rear Trunk Lid Badge Location

    Thanks very much for a help. I believe that the current badge might be correct on my car as my car is MY1990 where BMW might not release the angled badge at that time. They used badge “24V” to distinct between M20 and M50 engine.
  8. presscot

    Rear Trunk Lid Badge Location

    Hi, I got my car from paint repairing shop. They installed my badges on rear trunk lid with incorrect position. I couldn't find information about badge location of E34 on internet anymore. The only thing I found was for E39. Please see attached. Could someone help to suggest me about length A, B, and C for E34, please?