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  1. flinty

    Blower motor or resistor?

    Thanks again Marko. I'm assuming that because I can't switch the blower off and have to disconnect the battery to do so that it might just be the resistor that's the problem as the motor is clearly working. I should have a replacement resistor by tomorrow, Saturday 23rd.
  2. flinty

    Blower motor or resistor?

    That's really kind of you Marko but I'm down in Surrey plus I've now bought one off Amazon and am awaiting delivery. Just wondering whether to get a fan motor as well and get them both fitted at the same time to save on labour costs,
  3. flinty

    Blower motor or resistor?

    I have the problem of the fan not switching off even after car's switched off and key removed. If left it runs until battery runs flat. I've ordered a resistor off e-bay and am wondering if I should get a motor too.
  4. flinty

    Reset trip info (mpg) on indicator arm

    Thank you Ray. I'll try that. Cheers
  5. Since battery was disconnected the trip info on the indicator arm is now inaccurate. Can anyone tell me how to reset it please. Paul