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  1. Just to close my part of this off.. Even after having a mate and me (electrickery challenged) check the Grey yellow wire back to the main control unit it turns out that It had a break in that wire about 6inches up inside the tailgate dust cover (as in on the tailgate about 6inches up from the bottom of the glass if it was closed) this wire is under no stress and on a straight run We had the relay clicking bypassing this wire but in the end it was fluke find but a very happy bunny now And if anyone has a temperature gauge problem just replace the thermostat not the gauge sensor (see previous PistonHeads link) BMW electronics! I love em .... NOT
  2. Thanks for the hinge cover/cable guide link, mine are ok atm but might not be after all this !! Im going to pull the offside speaker and check the Grey/Yellow ? Hinge/switch to speaker but this side looks SO much better than the Nearside i repaired previously (For heated window etc..) Yes, Fob and door switch working but i have Gremlin in my head telling me its not the wiring.. Might pull A1 for a while and see if that solves it. (Nearside dash ? is it accessible ?) Thank you for wiring diagram translation/A1...
  3. Hi Andy, thanks for the reply. Ive had the battery disconnected several times for a long period trying to solve a different very annoying problem.. "Dash Temperature gauge goes to maximum, this is after the needle gets to about 10.30 position then straight to the red Now the strange thing, it only happens when the ambient temperature is down to single figures !! Works perfectly all summer!! New sender, plug contacts cleaned and cable looks ok before disappearing into the loom .." Still not solved but i suspect a dry circuit board joint in the dash pod https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=66&t=1892020&i=0 Back to the Tailgate: Is there a control module unit just for the tailgate ? As i said it works on the door button and fob which is very confusing. RH Large hinge all wires look in very good condition ( i believe small hinge is not related and wires look perfect) LH hinges i previously repaired: (iirc) Small hinge wires for glass switch. Large hinge for rear window demister. No other wires appear bad. Ive been pretty hard on pulling/testing wires.. Pity about the wiring diagram but "said mate" will be happy Ill have look again tomorrow about the wires you mention " red white wire is the power into the tailgate, I think thicker brown is ground" but everything else is working Ive got the whole tailgate (side trims, Button grip etc) stripped at the moment
  4. Not sure if this a thread hijack or not, sorry if it is.. Any ideas on the main LOWER tailgate switch not working ? All fine on the door button and key fob. Im not great with sparky bits but a mate test the switch and is working correctly. He (iirc) said on a false Neg or reverse negative, as in the switch has a current all the time but when pressed stops current to activate the lock (which it isn't).. He tested the micro switch wire (GREY/YELLOW) up to the OFFSIDE hinge and all ok and doesn't look worn or damaged into the roof. Any one had this main switch problem ? Does it have relay away from the lock that would be just for the main switch or a separate control unit that might be causing the problem on just this switch ? Have been looking for an oem wiring diagram for said mate to have a look at as well with no joy any one have a link ? Thanks in advance
  5. InYaMooey

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    All looked at internally when i did the adjusters recently all lovely and shiny
  6. InYaMooey

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    Ive ordered the H7/D2S adapters so will see if they can be fiddled to fit HB4 If not i might have some Hella Ballasts (Including mounting brackets) for sale
  7. InYaMooey

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    Dont swear
  8. InYaMooey

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    Hi Dan you might remember me from PH ? Style 66 original colour question.. (Still not found a bright silver/original colour i like ) Its a 98 Touring, when i bought it it came with a spare/non mouldy/fogged pair of lenses that are on it now i dont know if they they are pre or post facelift but suspect being HB4 Pre Real Oem Vin shows both options Non Xenon H7 Bulbs and Xenon Ballast options I wonder if the H7 Adapter can be modified for H4
  9. InYaMooey

    bulb upgrade recommendations wanted.

    Sorry to drag an oldish thread up I have HB4 Night Breakers on my dipped i presume the Hella ballast 5DV-007-760-29 8387114 takes a 9006 plug ? But what about the D2S to headlamp unit :Confused: all ive seen are H7 adapters Thanks in advance Del DAN ?