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  1. davidrichards27

    Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

    Thanks a lot. I actually now think it might be my BT in the car failing. On Friday it took me over 45 mins to connect my much older Note 4. I could 'see' the car on my phone but then got the message error connecting to the car, then for ages I couldn't even see the car! Finally, after 45 mins got this one connected so I am wondering if it is my BT failing which will mean buying something to connect the phones to the audio. Thanks for your reply
  2. davidrichards27

    Bluetooth Connectivity Issue

    Hi Guys This is my first post! I have a 2010 520D F10 and until last week I had my wife's Samsung S9+ running Android 10 successfully paired to the car for phone calls etc. Yesterday, after she purchased a new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, we spent hours trying to get the phone paired to the car, but with no luck at all. The new phone is running Android 11. On the phone we have cleared the Bluetooth cache, 'forgot' the previous connection carried over from her 'smart switch' transfer between phones. With the car, I deleted all known Bluetooth connections in the phone unit. So we have just about tried everything, but to no avail. Just wondered if anyone has any thoughts? Has ANYONE managed to pair this same phone to an older BMW? Please let me know if you offer any ideas or guidance. Many thanks David