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  1. q96169we

    First MOT Today

    Many places (including dealers) are simply fishing for business and MOT failure is a very good bait. I sold my F10 to my friend about 6 months ago. When he did the MOT at his local BMW dealer, they tried to fail him by saying the headlight wash is not working and is a safety issue which will fail the MOT. My friend actually agreed to fix it and paid about £200 for it. Later when he told me this, I realised that I forgot to revert the coding of disable the headlight wash before giving the car to him. I asked him for the failed MOT report and want to see how the dealer describe it. My friend told me there is no failed report. Only the pass certificate without anything in it. Neither can I find any MOT fail record online. So they successfully fished a business and if I were them, I may also add a note to this customer profile says feel free to fish some bigger business from this customer.
  2. q96169we

    Unadvertised Climate Control feature?

    It may make a little difference depending on the circumstance. My wife don't like the wind blow to her face and she think the air con on my side is enough for her. So she either closes the vent or turn off her side as shown in OP's picture. But, you can turn off passenger side and leave driver side on but you can't turn off driver side with passenger side on.
  3. q96169we

    Unadvertised Climate Control feature?

    Same on my 2020 G31 520d.
  4. q96169we

    What car does your iDrive show…

    Make sense. The rim looks very nice.
  5. q96169we

    What car does your iDrive show…

    Mine shows the same as real car. Have you code the car in anyway to show m performance version?
  6. q96169we

    How long did your Propshaft Flex disk last?

    Sounds like your warranty is approved used warranty instead of new car manufacturer warranty. Either way, maybe find another dealer to do a health check or find some other reason to let them check the car. My experience so far is that dealer will sometime add some item to the health check report but, as you said, it was "just an observation". They neither cover by warranty, nor does dealer push you to change it. Saw your Location is Cambridgeshire. By any chance the dealer you use is Barons (potentially, Cambridge)?
  7. q96169we

    ID7 Disappearing Functions

    My G31 is pre-LCI so with the OS7-Lite iDrive. So, basically it doesn't have the ability to remote software update. Thus, I didn't experience this in my G31. However, my G29 has the full OS7 iDrive and I also noticed the heating automation had gone for some days then came back without me doing anything. The software version on the G29 is 07.2021. I don't think this issue is specific software version related.
  8. q96169we

    Dealer Etiquette

    Usually, they tell you what's going on. If not, ask them and they should tell you what's going on. I believe you can also ask for a copy of the invoice which they should bill to bmw warranty department (either new car warranty, approved used car warranty, or the BMW Insured Warranty). Overall, it's your car and you are entitled to know what they've done to your car.
  9. q96169we

    540i fuel consumption

    If it works for your best sticking with it. I have always put 2.8bar front & rear in all our BMs as they all weigh much the same, yours being heavier will need higher pressures. Wow, you guys really pump up the pressure a lot. I'm not sure about the recommanded pressure for the B5 but for my 520d, the pressure is the same as shown in the image attached by Andyrt200. I always pump the pressure to 2.2 Bar front and 2.4 Bar rear when they are cold (with standard 19 inch M Sport wheels). The car can still manage between 55-60MPG on motorway. Unless I pump the pressure significantly higher than this, if only 0.2 bar more than above figure, I can't see any significant change to the MPG figure. Maybe diesel is less sensitive to the minor tyre pressure change.
  10. q96169we

    540i fuel consumption

    Just wondering, what's the mileage of your 540i? Some of my previous cars' MPG improved quite a lot after I drove them hard during a long trip (e.g trip to Scotland). So maybe your car's MPG will improve from now on. About the RON 95 vs RON 99 petrol, I found older engine is more sensitive to this than the newer engine. On my previous 2006 Mazda 6 2.0 petrol, the MPG difference between regular and premium petrol can easily offset the price difference (e.g 15% MPG improvement vs. 10% price increase). This is based on the data I collected while drove the car for 70k miles so should be meaningful. But for the recent N20 engine and B58 engine, I found the MPG difference is quite small (N20 data is collected through 20k mile driving and B58 data is collected only through 3k mile driving). Plus, the price difference between regular and premium petrol is much bigger nowadays. Therefore, price-wise, I can't justify to put premium petrol. But, again, price is only one of the factor and no one expect B58 to be very cheap to run, so I still put premium petrol sometimes.
  11. q96169we

    540i fuel consumption

    I actually think opposite. But it's only my opinion though and just based on two or three trips so far. Haven't collected any meaningful amount of data to support my thought. My recent 45MPG trip to Holyhead was running on regular petrol so E10. My previous close to 50MPG trip to York should be on E5 fuel as E10 wasn't widely used at that time (but I can't remember it's RON 95 or RON 99). I have no doubt that the E5 petrol will improve the MPG a bit further but I don't think it will make a huge difference in MPG. Again, only my thought at the moment based on two or three trips. I may change my mind later.
  12. q96169we

    540i fuel consumption

    Thanks. After owning the G29, I felt the 520d is more than enough for my normal use including family holidays. Mine G31 has the B47TU1 engine with the mild hybrid. The engine itself already has two turbos compare to the earlier version of B47, which improves the engine response a lot in my opinion. Then, the MHT improve it even further. Therefore, I'm quite happy with the 20d power. Yep, Sheffield to Manchester via woodhead pass then motorway and dual-carriage way to the Holyhead. When I arrived, the car said 45.x MPG. When I fueled up and did the calculation, it's about 43MPG. This is not the best I've seen. In the summer, I drove from Sheffield to York via M1, A1M, A64 and achieved close to 50MPG. I think comparing to your 540i, the G29 is much lighter (only two seats and significantly less luggage, but the g29 itself is not much lighter than G31), is only rear-wheel drive, and its height is about a quarter lower than G31. I think they all make some difference in fuel efficiency.
  13. q96169we

    540i fuel consumption

    xdrive, heavy load (I assume you filled your boot with stuffs for the trip), low temperature, and heavy rain all decrease the MPG a little bit. Plus, depending on your route, I found my trips to scotland were never as efficient as, let's say, drive to Cambridge (I'm in Sheffield). I can manage about 60MPG to Cambridge with my G31 520d but so far, the best MPG I've achieved to Scotland is about 45MPG. I just did a trip to Holyhead in Wales from Sheffield in my G29 M40i. It's fully loaded (two peoples, full of stuffs when we can find any space in the car to put them). I managed about 45MPG on my way there and overall MPG for the entire trip is about 35MPG. The trip included some motorway driving, some city and narrow countryside road, some driving fun in snowdonia and the evo triangle (stupid average speed camera there now). Overall, I think the MPG figure is better than I expected. But, as you said, no one buys B58 engine and expecting 520d fuel efficiency.
  14. q96169we

    Used car issues

    If you got the car as BMW approved used, you will have the at least 1 year warranty. Then, you don't have to go back to the dealer where you bought the car. Any dealer in UK will be able to look after you under the warranty.
  15. q96169we

    2021-4 Live maps available on Download Manager

    I think they are doing something on their side or they have no idea of what they've been doing on their side. All my cars disappeared from my account yesterday and only came back about an hour earlier.
  16. q96169we

    2021-4 Live maps available on Download Manager

    Just wondering, has anyone with the issue tried to uninstall the BMW Download Manager entirely then follow bmw's online link to re-install it and try again? Or has anyone tried to do the whole process on another computer which hasn't been used for this purpose before? In another forum after I passed this information on, I haven't heard anyone saying any issue about the map download. I think the difference between there and here is that this is their first time download and install the BMW Download Manager whereas we've already used the BMW Download Manager before.
  17. q96169we

    Adding Apple Carplay - G31 2019 NBTevo_S

    You can let the Siri read out Whatsapp message and reply by talking to Siri. Just like using the iMessage. I then use Waze to read out the speed camera or police (usually the speed camera van) even if the BMW navi is leading my way. Also, I attend Zoom meeting in the car and find the CarPlay is easier than BMW native system. About the music playing, I use third party app so regardless of BMW native connection or CarPlay connection, I can't see what's the next song in the dashboard until I change to next song.
  18. q96169we

    Adding Apple Carplay - G31 2019 NBTevo_S

    That means it has all hardware already fitted. On my another BMW, it comes with High Beam Assistant hardware fitted despite I didn't tick the box. Then, I can purchase a life time subscription of High Beam Assistant from ConnectedDrive store and activate this function.
  19. q96169we

    Adding Apple Carplay - G31 2019 NBTevo_S

    About WIFI, BMW uses wireless CarPlay implementation and Bluetooth bandwidth is not enough. Therefore, it need the wifi connection. For iDrive 6 system, it may come without the wifi connectivity and therefore you may need to add the wifi module first before using CarPlay.
  20. q96169we

    2021-4 Live maps available on Download Manager

    Are you sure? I think the "Live" means the map support live update (kind of like patch to base version instead of live updating the entire map) and all OS7 idrive supports this as long as you have the subscription. After updated mine, it shows 2021.4 live and mine is pre-lci
  21. q96169we

    2021-4 Live maps available on Download Manager

    Just to say that I've downloaded it and no problem so far. I'm using Mac and haven't updated the download manager this time.
  22. q96169we

    Head light operation

    Normal. Mine does that as well
  23. q96169we

    G30 Adaptive led Head Lamp

    Left is 1) or 2), right is 3). Yours is either 1) or 2) and we all dislike it.
  24. q96169we

    help required regarding real world figures (newbie)

    Can't comment too much on the hybrid side of thing as I haven't driven one. But my B58 powered car can manage 30-35mpg when commuting in Sheffield so I guess B48+hybrid shouldn't be worse than this if under same condition and driven same way. About Android Auto, for 68 plate car, I think it should still uses the iDrive 6. If this correct, then I don't think it can have android auto with software update. More hardware modification is needed.
  25. q96169we

    Adding Apple Carplay - G31 2019 NBTevo_S

    If your car does not have it come as standard, then you should be able to subscribe on ConnectedDrive store (not 100% sure on this as I remember after certain year, it comes as standard). Then, if you want to pay someone to do this for you, maybe search "Bavarian Coding" on facebook and see what you think.

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