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  1. q96169we

    My new G31

    My car looks similar (except the wheels) but certainly wish I'd gone for 40i instead of 20d
  2. Wow! Looks so good in this colour. Really like the M5 style seat.
  3. q96169we

    My BMW No Active Subscription

    As a front-end verification engineer in semiconductor industry (front-end shares a lot similarity to software development), I will never call this as an "improvement". To me, it's more like a new team took over the old project code and really hate the way the old team did those stuffs or too messy to make any improvement at all. Consequently, CTRL+A then DEL and starts over again. The difference here between semiconductor and software industry is that such product can not even be signed off as alpha quality, as when it's released initially, it's not even functional completed. If we sign off this for next stage, that means the company will eventually spend millions of dollar on top of existing engineering cost, then get many penny size rubbish back several months later which worths even less than a penny in total.
  4. q96169we

    Should I pull it out?

    Thanks. This is definitely worse than mine. Did you change or just kept running?
  5. q96169we

    Should I pull it out?

    I've looked for the tyre price. The tyres came with the car and it's only done about 6k mile so far. Therefore, I think only change one is okay. However, the thing is that if I'm going to change tyre, I would prefer changing to non-RFT. Then, I shouldn't mix between RFT and non-RFT. Therefore, it's a bit annoying to me. Maybe if anyone is interested in the remianing three tyres, then I can sell them and get a set of non-RFT.
  6. q96169we

    Should I pull it out?

    That's the thing. I'm not sure whether I will be lucky or not.
  7. q96169we

    Should I pull it out?

    Big nail in rear tyre. Should I pull it out? Or should I leave it in?
  8. q96169we

    Safety camera information not available.

    Exactly. Report any issue related to the ID7 and the first step is likely to update the software to see if it resolves the issue.
  9. q96169we

    Safety camera information not available.

    To be honest, I didn't notice any difference other than the android auto. £50 is actually not too bad. Less than I originally expected. However, as I mentioned in previous reply, you can tell the dealer that the system crash more often than before and they will likely to update the software under warranty.
  10. q96169we

    Tyre advice

    There are several versions of PZero RFT with star mark. The difference is quite big between earlier version and latest version (PZ4). Then, the latest version has sports car version and luxury saloon version. My G31 came with the latest saloon version of PZero in msport 19 inch. I've only done 6k miles so far but I am actually quite impressed by it. It's quiet, comfortable, and fuel economy is good (I can achieve the same mpg compared to 225/55/R17 Bridgestone LM005 winter tyre). However, there is a big nail as shown in the OP in one of the rear tyre since two weeks ago. Annoying!
  11. q96169we

    M Sport gloss black bumper trim

    My G31 is too new to experience this issue. However, my previous 2014 F55 Mini had such issue before I bought it in 2017. It's faded to light grey colour when I viewed the car. Dealer replaced it before the handover. I think it's related to the UV damage. If most of it's life is facing the sun directly, then it's more likely to fade.
  12. q96169we

    Safety camera information not available.

    You can let dealer update the software to a latest version (potentially with some charge if you are not reporting any issue). However, it won't have full ID7 features including the RSU. My car is March 2020 built with ID7. I don't have the RSU. I recently visited the dealer for some issue with the system and they updated the software to the latest version. The RSU is still not available. The latest BMW ConnectedDrive website has updated the introduction to the RSU (link: https://www.bmw.co.uk/en/topics/owners/bmw-connecteddrive/remote-software-upgrade.html). If you go to the section of "How to check", you will see below text: "If Remote Software Upgrade is not shown, the car is not compatible with Remote Software Upgrade. The Remote Software Upgrade is factory installed, a retrospective purchase is not possible due to hardware restrictions. If your car is not compatible, you can have the latest software installed at any time by your retailer. (Costs may apply. Please contact your preferred BMW Centre for more information)." Based on this description, I really doubt that the RSU will become available to pre-LCI G3x cars with ID7 in the future due to the hardware restrictions. Anyway, back to your original question. I have purchased the Safety Camera subscription and it appeared in my car after 5 minutes. I'm not sure whether it is because I've had the latest software installed by the dealer. If I remember correctly, the latest software uses the same navigation software as the LCI car (the online map or whatever it's called). Basically, this navigation software is from "HERE" and the safety camera feature is also provided by "HERE". Maybe this is the cause. Since your car should still under warranty, one thing you can try is to tell the dealer that the system crashes more often than before and let them check what went wrong and whether it's hardware issue or software issue. The dealer will likely to update the software first so that you will have the latest version without paying anything.
  13. q96169we

    Safety cameras now available on Connected Drive

    Waze? It's free.
  14. q96169we

    Tyre Pressures (Again)

    I think your car has ID6 right? Maybe ID7 will have the ECO setting?
  15. q96169we

    First service cost

    Ah, you didn't mentioned in your original reply.