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  1. q96169we

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    I have the vgate icar pro bluetooth 4.0, iphone, and both BimmerCode and BimmerLink. All works ok regardless whether the phone is connected to idrive or not. In fact, the phone also connects to my watch, airpod at the same time. Have you choose the correct adaptor in BimmerLink setting? Compared to BimmerCode, BimmerLink will auto connect when start the app by default so it is easily assumed that it will search for available adaptor and connect automatically.
  2. q96169we

    B47 f10 2014 fuel economy

    This is an old thread and not sure whether people are still reading this. I had the same post cat O2 sensor error as glzzE described on my 2016 F10 B47 520d SE. I read the error via BimmerLink instead of Carly. The economy seems to be ok. 70mph on M1 from Sheffield to London and back during summer time can return around 55-60MPG. Around Sheffield city (10 mile commute), the car can still manage between 40-50MPG. Car is on 17inch 225 RFT wheels. However, despite the car still return amazing MPG, it is worse than before the o2 sensor error appeared. On the same Sheffield to London trip, it used to return about 65MPG although I have to admit that the wind direction may play a bit. Anyway, I'm just wondering how easy to change the post cat O2 sensor? Whether you need to reset the ECU after the change? The newtis.info website is recently shut down so it's harder to find the information now.
  3. q96169we

    Major Service query

    2019 should have twin turbo but not 100% sure.
  4. Would you mind share the ebay links to your parts? They look great.
  5. During the black Friday or Christmas period in 2020 when the BMW ConnectedDrive store was discounting on its services, they actually had a service plan for sale as a special offer. However, the price was about £1.3k for G31 and cover 5 years or 60k miles. Compared to the old, widely available service plan (£5xx for 5 years or 50k miles, when I bought for my F10), the price is similar to pay by cash each time when the car need service. Therefore, it's less attractive.
  6. q96169we

    Fuel Flap

    Okay, good to know dealer can accept this and replace without too much negotiation. As someone else pointed out somewhere, it is usually harder to let dealer accept it's a fault than performing the warranty repair when the car is still under the manufacturer warranty period.
  7. q96169we

    Fuel Flap

    Does dealer replaced it without too much negotiation?
  8. q96169we

    Major Service query

    Agree on this. For an outsider, we have no information at all to answer the question as all we have is their marketing words. Oil manufacturer won't let us know the detail of their chemical blend. Also, about the manufacturer spec, there are usualy two kinds of wording are used by oil manufacturers: Meet BMW LL-04 spec and Approved to BMW LL-04 spec. There are huge difference between them. Approved means the manufacturer actually sent the oil to independent labs or car manufacturers' labs to have it fully analysed/tested/certified, which is (in my mind) a very expensive process. On the other hand, meet the spec means the oil manufacturer just blend the chemical to the spec released by car manufacturers. Oil manufacturer may have tested them internally or independently but the oil itself is not actually certified/acknowledged/approved by the car manufacturers. On top of all of these, even for exactly same oil from same manufacturer, the price per L of buying 5L and 50,000L will be very different. So, if you are sure you use 5L for oil change and can sell the remaining 49,995L, then why not buy 50,000L directly from those top manufacturer? I think it will be much cheaper than buying 5L from lesser brand. That's what I think the eurocarparts is doing on the Triple QX brand.
  9. q96169we

    Major Service query

    After Sep 2018 or even later, B37/B47 had the TU1 update. For exactly same output (at least for 520d, 140KW, 190ps, 400NM), they now have twin turbo to improve the WLTP or RDE test performance. You can feel the response is much improved compared to single turbo version which is in my F10. Attached two realoem diagrams for my F10 B47 and G31 B47. Both car are 520d so same output rating. You can see the G31 one has a smaller turbo (T1 in the diagram) built directly to the manifold and big turbo (T2) mounted below the manifold. On the other hand for the F10, there are only one big turbo (T1) mounted below the manifold and on the manifold, there isn't another turbo (No T in the diagram). If you want the real photo comparison between two cars, I can take some over the weekend.
  10. q96169we

    Major Service query

    I'm always using the ECT C3 5W30 as well. For both my F10 and G31 (both have B47 but one is single turbo and the other is twin turbo plus MHT), I change the oil and filter myself half way through the service indicator. So, it's about 9-10k. Just curious to check whether you have further information about the Triple QX. About five years ago when I still owned a first gen Mazda 6, I usually used the Triple QX 5w-20 oil and found it quite good. For exactly the same weight (5w-20) and manufacturer approval, Castol also had one. At that time, I thought maybe Castol made the oil for Triple QX. Maybe eurocarparts just sources any oils on the market that meet different manufacturers' approval spec and re-bottle them as Triple QX.
  11. q96169we

    Fuel Flap

    Mine seems to not aligned properly so when open and close, I always feels it's stucked on the lock side (the side where you push to open and close, opposite to the hinge side).
  12. q96169we

    Major Service query

    I thought Triple QX is eurocarparts' own brand, which I categorise it as 'lesser brand'. Do you have further information about this brand which I can use to move Triple QX to big brand?
  13. q96169we

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    I think some of MB's EQ BOOST (MB's name of 48v) has a motor/generator after the engine so it can drive the gearbox directly. A bit similar to 530e configuration but the voltage is 48v instead of high voltage system. Benifit of this is that the recharge and assisted drive can still happen even when the engine is off whereas BMW's 48v requires the crankshaft to rotate to either do assisted drive or recharge. The negative is obvious, the mounting point between engine and gearbox need to redesign whereas BMW's 48v system can simply replace the 12v generator to the 48v starter/generator.
  14. q96169we

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    My way of turning the auto start stop off (no disable switch in MHT car) is to configure the sport individual to be all comfort and then use the sport individual instead of the comfort mode. In this way, the auto start stop is disabled but the car is basically still in comfort mode. But, you are right, the auto start stop is so smooth and fast as long as the car is using the 48v to do the start stop. There are some scenarios that the car will revert back to use the 12v system to start the car and you can tell immediately.
  15. q96169we

    Battery charging

    Just curious to know what does the Ah display mean in your charger. If it means how much power has been charged since it charger is connected, then it doesn't mean anything to the battery's remaining capacity, does it? If your charger can evaluate what's the remaining battery capacity, then I think such evaluation will take a long time as it will need to charge the battery to 100%, then discharge the battery to 0%. Unless you have the charger on the battery since new and such remaining capacity can be estimated by algorithm instead of real measurement. Just like what iPhone does with the battery health and this is what the IBS is doing as well.