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  1. I'm just going for the rear PDC for now because rear visibility isn't great, especially in the wet and dark. I'll go without the fronts for now and change in future if I feel the need to. I've tried everything to access the hidden dash menu - pressing the 'Info' button, holding down the 'Select' button, standing on one leg with a finger on my nose... nothing seems to work. Might just stream radio through my phone once I've got Bluetooth set up - it's not my daily driver anyway so no biggie.
  2. I used to work for a Japanese company and spent a bit of time in Tokyo. Street level crime is virtually non-existent over there so doesn't surprise me that they don't fit alarms as standard. Doesn't explain the lack of PDC though as the parking spaces are tiny and they mostly drive tiny Kei cars! I've been through your project, it's where I've been getting most of my ideas from ! I found someone local on Google earlier who fits Steelmate sensors and Cobra car alarms... might give him a ring once I've sorted out battery and tyre issues on the missus's RR Sport. I think I'll need to take out the rear seats to feed the Grom mic to the front but shouldn't be an issue - might try to do it the same time as the PDC install if those wires also need to be fed from rear to front. So glad the annoying reverse beep is an easy fix - my wife mistook it for a parking sensor beep and almost crashed it into the wall because the beep didn't become constant! Out of interest, why swap a BM53 for the BM54 rather than just upgrade the BM53? For the wider radio frequency? I've read somewhere that there's a secret radio service menu where you can change the location and access UK frequencies but I've not been able to find it so far so perhaps another internet myth! And yes, TLC may need to wait until Spring at this rate, it's pretty clean as it is tbf so no biggie.
  3. Thanks for coming back to me, Dan. This forum is great... mainly because I can see my car’s UK history by looking at Loadmaster’s profile (although it is a bit like stumbling across pics of your missus with her ex on Facebook ). It looks a bit different now though as the person I bought the car from has put Alpina B10 alloys on it (see pic) which also look great but gives the car a very different look to before. The Japanese imports don’t have alarms fitted?! Damn! I kind of told the insurance company that it does so better get that sorted soon! Thanks for the advice. Probably get rear sensors installed at the same time... did you manage to switch off the standard Japanese beeping when you stick it in reverse? Also looking at getting the Grom installed. Toyed with the idea of an aftermarket double din but too scared it’ll do irreversible damage to the dash. After that, I think I’ll be happy with the fact that the tech in the car will only be 10 years old rather than a quarter of a century! I then just need to do detail the exterior if and when we get a dry day up north!
  4. Hi Dan, great post to see all you’ve done with the car, and very relevant given I’ve recently bought a Jap import 2001 540i so a lot of your challenges sound familiar! (I actually think it’s @Loadmaster old car!). Did you ever resolve your IR remote central locking issue (or switch it to RF)? I’ve not been able to get it working since I’ve had it despite numerous attempts to resync, sending keys off for repair, changing all the fuses etc. Would be helpful to know if you’ve had any similar issues. cheers!