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  1. deamed11

    1976 E12 Windshield instalation

    Thank you very much for this information !
  2. deamed11

    1976 E12 Windshield instalation

    Yes i have read it. And also i have heard that somewhere else alsto that as far as i understand. Rubber first then bottom lock strip and then glass and ther other lock strips. Could someone please confirm? Cus i wonder how could it make it work apart from making the window inserting more difficult. Thank you for help !
  3. Having troubles instaling rear windshield. I tried allkind of methods .The one that works best is placing the rubber seal on the car first and then puting windshield in but it seem that it kinda dousn't fit where it supposed to. Top and both sides where the rubber trim should be going are almost shut and it seem that there would be no way to insert the trim. What is the right way it should be put in. Im going to have to put in front windshield also but currently im stuck with the rear one.