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  1. kyzo

    E39 530d touring "chasing the ponies"

    Nice man love a E39. I was going to keep the original Gt2260v for mine but was advised that the later Gtb2260vk from an E90 is the one to go for - much wider powerband and much better flow, saying that though the one I've found from venomhybridturbos here in the UK is only rated to 350-380 but don't have plans to go beyond that yet. How was the AEM meth kit to install? Might go down this route myself, fits nicely in the boot too haha
  2. kyzo

    E34 Touring M57 (3.0d) Conversion

    It’s a 4 pin, Ive attached a picture, appreciate that info though that definitely helps a lot, I’ll have a look for one of those E60 units Thankfully there’s a good amount of room in the E34 bay so should be able to keep it pretty tidy with room for intercooler piping too
  3. Hi guys, thought I'd document the progress on my E34 Touring M57 Swap, started at the beginning of the year and hoping to have it finished by the end of Spring. This is not intended to be a guide but a documentation of the build for any future owners, I'm more than happy to help with any questions/queries but won't have answers or solutions to every question as still trying to figure out things myself. The problem with the M57 swap into an E34 is that information is very limited on the internet, the conversion has been done many times in and around Europe but finding information on RHD swapped cars proved to be difficult. Immediate issues we discovered was the clearance of the steering box with the turbo, the sump will also collide with the subframe due to rear mounted pan, amongst many other things such as wiring, propshaft etc, thankfully the information I was able to find on the internet cleared up some of these issues which I will detail below. I'm hoping to be able to retain the 6spd and source a 95+ HIGH Interior Loom so that the E46 check control system and anything associated with it can be used, I've also managed to source a "short" engine harness that allows for the M57 to be ran in any situation, all the wires are labelled and it has wiring for the ECU, Canbus system, RPM signal and much more, if anyone is interested in this let me know and I'll point you the right way. A bit of information on the car and the donor car.. 1994 E34 525tds Touring -M51D25 -Calypso-Red -Manual 5spd -126000 miles 2004 E46 330d (204) -M57D30TU -EGR, DPF, Swirl Flap Delete. Stainless 2.5" Full Exhaust -Dyno Printout @ 321bhp/611nm (unsure how accurate this is) -Manual 6spd -172000 miles --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First job was to remove the old M51D25 from the Touring, this engine is going to be used in an E30 Touring that my friend is putting together, it's a fairly easy process but both the engine and engine bay was completely covered in oil and grease, definitely a messy job but the engine and box were eventually removed aswell as any other related wiring/ancillaries. I'll be spending some time on making the engine bay nicer later. For the M57 I’d definitely recommend having a full donor car as you’ll want to keep a few bits for the conversion, here's a rough list of what I kept and what I found that’ll I need. -Full Running gear and ancillaries (Engine, gearbox, propshaft) - (I'll be using the E46 6spd GS6-53DZ gearbox with a custom prop) -Power steering lines -Engine loom, fuse/relay box -Throttle pedal as it’s electronic -ECU (DDE) -Radiator and hoses (If not going uprated) -Intercooler and piping -E38 730d Sump/Oil Pan with pick up. -E38 passenger (cold side) engine mount -E34 525tds driver (hot side) engine mount (See below) The factory air box setup was cut as it is moulded as part of the valve cover and can’t be removed, it also tidied up the engine a bit and allows for turbo piping to come upwards, I took the MAF sensor off the housing (this will be modified later) and cut the plastic cowl with a dremel up to the bolt channels for the valve cover, gave the block a clean and paint whilst it was all off. The standard turbo manifold can simply be flipped the other way round as the ports/flanges match up perfectly. The 330d M57 sump is rear panned, this causes issues with clearance as it sits directly over the subframe, I used a E38 730d oil pan and pick up as these are front panned, the sump will however still need slight modification as it still doesn’t clear the subframe fully, still waiting to do this myself but will update with pictures once it’s done. The 730d was never available in the UK so I had to source one from Lithuania, think I was about £400 all in for the mounts and sump inc shipping. I then removed the original passenger side engine mount and used the 730d engine mount after cleaning up the threads, the block is universal between all M57's so all the mounting holes are the same but the original mount used different holes, some wd40 and a bolt wound in and back a few times worked fine. For the driver side the original TDS mounts were used, I had to drill out the holes slightly with a 10mm drill bit for the original engine mount bolts as they are slightly too big.. Next up is to remove the the sump again and have it modified slightly to clear the subframe fully. Will update in the near future!
  4. kyzo

    Hi all!

    Planning to yeah, got a full doner car for the conversion so hopefully the hardest part will be the wiring but custom short looms are a thing now for the M57 so that should save a headache
  5. kyzo

    New Scottish Member

    Hi mate, From Aberdeenshire here, hope you're good
  6. kyzo

    Hi all!

    Hey guys, Been lurking on these forums for awhile now but finally decided to make an account Currently own a 1994 E34 525tds in Calypso red, engine is out the car at the moment to make way for a M57N, waiting on parts and still hunting for conversion info It has a forum.bmw5 plate so maybe a previous owner is on here?
  7. kyzo

    E34 Touring Interior Help

    Perfect that's all I was trying to figure out. cheers.
  8. kyzo

    E34 Touring Interior Help

    I did a VIN check with BMW and the seats aren’t listed as optional but yeah if they were an an option on the touring then that makes sense.
  9. Hey guys I have what appears to be front sport cloth seats of some kind in my 95 Touring as seen in the pictures, I wanted to know if Tourings came with any kind of sport seats in general as the rears have the same matching material? Was told they were rare to find by previous owner but this was years ago and I’ve forgotten what else he might of said.. Cheers