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  1. I think I have the same ID7 LITE version as you can't see Remote Software upgrade in general settings. It's frustrating that a car manufactured in Nov 2019 isn't modern enough. They say it's missing an equipment that's installed at the factory. Want to really know why they can't upgrade?. We have all the requisite options live cockpit pro and wireless etc. Do we need the dealer to update software to get July 2020 and now Feb 2021 updates when it goes for service?
  2. Robster75

    Speed warning ⚠

    All sorted.. Oops
  3. Robster75

    Speed warning ⚠

    Thanks, will have a look in a minute. Sounds like an own goal there
  4. Robster75

    Speed warning ⚠

    Hello peeps, my 69reg 520D started showing this speed warning sign this afternoon when I am doing slow speed. It typically starts when I first start to move at 3 - 5 mph then disappears once the navigation changes the road. But the yellow triangle remains. Any ideas, thanks in advance. Attached a pic
  5. Robster75

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    Hi Stressed, do you have Android auto on your car ?
  6. Robster75

    Would be New BMW owner

    Cheers mate
  7. Robster75

    Would be New BMW owner

    Here are some pics
  8. Robster75

    Just bought a G31 520d MHt (mild hybrid)

    Hi I am thinking on getting a 520D MHT G31 - Sophisto Grey Xirallic. Having had for more than 6 months, any tips on keeping it nice and shiny ? TIA.
  9. Robster75

    Would be New BMW owner

    Hello Peeps , learned members, ladies and gentleman, its not a speech. just to say hello to all of you. read a few threads before jumping to join. enjoyed the humor and helpful nature of contributions. planning to get a 2019 G31 520D with M sport plus and Comfort pack. I like the look of the Pre LCI than new ones which are more dearer. its done less than 6K miles and is an AUC. Advice on anything to look for specifically before I sign on the ….. dotted line. Managed to convince wife , her response was "you deserve it ". I was glad to hear that. Test drove a couple of them. We all love it , small family 2 girls 11 and 14. 530 D and X drive options were more expensive. happy to post pictures once taken delivery.