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  1. B1ade

    Exhaust tips

    Anyone installed aftermarket tips?
  2. Yep, but reinforced side walls on tyres, so there was no compromise of the sidewall - a lot of places like kwik fit don't heat seal, as they want you to get a new tyre but is perfectly fine if the run flat is fairly new and has reinforced side walls. The place where i got it heat sealed did all the necessary checks on the condition of the tyre before heat sealing it.
  3. B1ade

    F10 530d

    Really nice example with low mileage, how you finding it? Any plans on the car in terms of mods or are you a stock type of person?
  4. I recently changed my front two to the Bridgestone Turanza T005 and really like them, depends where you stay, and the weather conditions, I am in Scotland and get a fair amount of rain and these are great for grip in wet. They also are reinforced and take the extra load (XL). I decided to stick to the OEM with runflats as that's how the cars designed. Also i got a nail one time and the convenience of being able to drive home with zero pressure and not damage the alloy was great. A quick 30 quid heat seal the next day and car was sorted. I don't mind the runflat drive feel, has that BMW sturdy feel to it, but I have yet to drive it with non run flats so can't entirely compare the two.
  5. Alright guys, first topic posting on here. I'm looking for some advice on wheel spacers for those that have the M Sport stock setup without any aftermarket lowering of the car. Wondering with the 351M 19 M Sport alloys what the best combination of wheel spacers would give it a flush alignment with the car to give it that more aggressive stance. Any advice or opinions from members that have installed them would be great. I've also read on forums that people get vibrations with these spacers so looking to avoid that, so also wondering which brand of spacers are best to go for and is it some adhesive paste used at all on installation or is it just a matter of taking off the alloys and fitting them?