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  1. Henrikas

    E46 Engine into E39 M5730

    @Ray112 I assume my mileage is not that high then - it's only at 190k. I've only considered buying it as it was a steal, guy wanted less than £250 for 90k miles engine and gearbox, however it's gone now. @e34m525i Mine's stage 2 already, doubt it will last as long as yours lol, but lets wait and see Thanks for the replies
  2. Henrikas

    E46 Engine into E39 M5730

    Good afternoon Hope all is well I have an 2002 E39 525D auto, would like to keep the car for as long as possible, however its on high mileage, and gearbox seems to be going as well. Not sure how long it will last, might last ages who knows, however I found and low mileage M5730 Engine from a E46, complete with auto gearbox for sale for a reasonable price. I know nothing about engine swaps, I would obviously pay someone to do it, but would it fit? would it be a straight fit? or extra steps would need to be taken? extra parts ordered? Also, what how much would an engine swap cost, roughly? Thank you
  3. Henrikas

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Yeah I'm aware of that, however upon looking at prices on ebay, fuel pressure regulator itself was only about 10 pounds more expensive than the seals. So I thought I rather get a whole new unit before removing my old one to inspect seals. Anyway that was a mistake, lesson learned wont be buying any cheap parts of ebay anymore. haha
  4. Henrikas

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Meant to say fuel pressure regulator. It's attached to high pressure fuel pump Initially had a fault code: 09F6 - fuel pressure too low during start iirc Then upon installing a new (faulty) part: 1195 - Rail Pressure Regulating Valve. 1190 - Fuel pressure control. Checked everything - could not find the issue. So finally decided to put old part back in, however one seal was missing upon removal (large black one) and another one was in poor condition (small green one), swapped them - car starts and runs perfectly, no error codes. Here's a picture of fuel pressure regulator:
  5. Henrikas

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Update if anyone find this thread in the future: New fuel regulator was faulty. Put old one back in place with new rubber seals, now runs and starts perfectly.
  6. Henrikas

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Thanks mate off to do a leak off test then
  7. Henrikas

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Hi, Thanks Ray. I have a leak off test kit ready. However car shutdowns almost instantly after starting so I won't be able to idle it for 2 minutes. Really not sure what to do now. Also just rememberd that after replacing fuel regulator, with the intake manifold still off I had reconnected the battery and put the key in the ignition to close the window as it started raining and DDS light did went off the dash after couple it seconds as it should do. So thay makes me think I've F' ed something while putting everything back together PXL_20201227_090225329.mp4
  8. Henrikas

    E39 2.5 Diesel cuts out

    Good evening Been using "easy start" into intake to start my 525d for the last month or so. Today finally got round to "repairing" it. Diagnostics said - low rail fuel pressure. High pressure pump has been refurbished not so long ago. Both pre supply and inline pumps are working correctly and providing correct pressure. Been advised that fuel pressure regulator might be the cause then. Replaced that. Car does start now, but cut outs in a couple of seconds or so, also DDE light is on all the time. Sometimes it doesnt cut out, but instead start shaking and smoking real bad and sounds like a tractor (like its only working on 2 cylinders or so) Have checked everything has been reconnected correctly. Any ideas on what it might be? Can't really find anything online. Nothing went wrong while replacing the regulator, except that I broke a plastic tube where vacuum hose for swirl flaps attaches, however as they already blanked, I've put some tape around it to not let any air in and thats it. Dont think thats got anything to do with my problem though. Car was running completely fine after starting it using easy start before replacing regulator. Any help appreciated Thank you