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  1. As above in almost as new condition £60 inc uk postage coxaw@talktalk.net
  2. Oldbilly

    6WA Extended digital dash

    As titled to fit F11 pre LCI 2014 in excellent original condition with no scratches will need viginising and coding £150 inc free UK postage
  3. Oldbilly

    Engaging N, shift out of P without engine

    Yes I believe that is correct, when I had my 330 e91 if you removed the auto shift stick there should be a release there somewhere?
  4. Oldbilly

    2.0 525d M SPORT TOURING

    NOW SOLD December 2011 525m sport, Alpine white 3 MOT until SEPT 2022 70573 mileage from new with full service history up to 50370 miles then serviced by myself @63986 miles oil filter, air filter, cabin filter, fully synthetic LL04 oil again intermediate service @70609 miles of oil filter, fully synthetic LL04 oil, new front discs and pads fitted 1500 miles ago. £11,200 The car benefits from genuine bmw rubber mats front and rear, also a full set of anthracite velour mats, rubber boot mat, many extras from new as seen in the build specification images, 19 inch 351 rims, Goodyear excellence run flat tyres, excellent interior and bodywork with one small scuff on the n/s rear bumper as shown.
  5. Oldbilly

    Error Messages/ Timing Chain / Cold Start

    If you can recharge the battery to full voltage go for test drive and monitor if any codes pop up, it does sound like a voltage issue, as I said earlier I had almost every error pop up on e91 and it always ran well with errors in the end the dash started to act up gauges working then not working checked the alternator and the voltage alternated between 10/11/13 volts turned out to be the brushes on the alternator causing the problem, new alternator solved the problem.
  6. Oldbilly

    Error Messages/ Timing Chain / Cold Start

    I had a similar problem when I had e91 330d after much head scratching over this it turn out to be intermittent charging from the alternator, the alternator test is easy to carry out and there is plenty of info on YouTube, mine was charging 11 volts and then change to 13 volts, a new alternator solved the problem
  7. Oldbilly

    Lower control arms replacement.

    As far I remember the joints are straight and not tapered, when undoing them they have to be held by an Allen key socket in the top of the ball joint so plenty of lubricant on the nut helps with the dirt and corrosion, I thought I would have trouble with the shock where it bolts onto the lower strut but it was quite easy just had to support it in the correct position, as said to pre torque is quite difficult if doing the work on a drive, I had the the loan of a ramp which made things much easier.
  8. Oldbilly

    Lower control arms replacement.

    Just replaced my n/s front lower strut and tensioner arm, a bit fiddly and took about two and half hour's
  9. Oldbilly

    Remap thrown all sorts of error codes

    Having many errors throw up is classic symptom of low voltage as the sensors are receiving a false signal , it could be one of the many modules I’m not saying this is the problem but worth investigating.
  10. Arrived this morning!!
  11. Oldbilly

    Xenon headlamps height adjustment

    I have the same setup on my f11 but they have to have lateral and height adjustment, the self levelling adjuster sets the headlamp at correct height but there has to be further adjustment for correction.
  12. Very impressed so far, initially I ordered the wrong disc thickness and noticed this morning, went online chat and they corrected it for me straight away, Zimmerman 348mmx30mm 2 part OE quality discs and corrected the price with a refund This may not be correct but I was told Zimmerman are DISC suppliers to BMW .
  13. You are connect! I have had a taste of Autodoc incompetence which has caused me a great deal of grief, like you I noticed that onlinecarparts and I think the other site buypartsonline are Autodoc platforms, as I see it they don’t hold large stocks and large heavy items come from Europe they are using the UK web sites to order parts that are not uk stock and sending them from Europe hence the long delivery times, they are using this method to save money by not transporting large amounts of stock to the UK
  14. just order discs from here! www.schmiedmann.com
  15. Well be aware, I would never buy anything from Autodoc again after the complete fiasco with the front discs I ordered. After ordering the discs that I wanted they sent their own cheap brand instead with the excuse of speeding up my order, what a load of tosh!! It then took a week of emails to eventually getting a return label out of with free return with the added custom forms, repacking and taking to the post, just read the trustpilot revues, lesson learnt!!