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  1. Oldbilly

    Black panel display

    Contacted the guy in Peterborough regarding the virginizing, if I take my car and display they can virginize fit and code takes about an hour £150, they also have some in stock. Some useful info worth noting was to only buy a display before 2016 year as the 2016 onwards LCI are more difficult to make changes to due to additional electronic components, I would think this would apply to both the 6wa and 6wb displays
  2. Oldbilly

    Black panel display

    During my research I found an article on retrofitting and there was mention of buying a display with lower mileage than your own vehicle but as I understand it if the vin is deleted and reflashed when it is coded it takes the mileage from the new host ecu vin. I have found a virginized service in Peterborough who will remove the original stored mileage and the vin and code it to your vehicle, I have yet to contact them to find out the cost of this service but it looks promising.
  3. Oldbilly

    Black panel display

    Ok! I now have a 6wa just waiting for delivery, needs virginizing and coding, should receive it this week!
  4. Oldbilly

    2012 520d Vibration Issue (Videos)

    I have been following your post with interest as I believe I have the same problem with my 525d f11 mileage 64k , at cold start up and selecting D I am getting quite a bit of vibration and in the present below zero temps a little knocking noise like metal to metal, feels like exhaust which I have checked and look ok but as soon as i drive off it and warms up a little its gone, I had an idea it may be engine mounts causing this and I think that your experience has proved this could be my problem too.
  5. Oldbilly

    Black panel display

    Thanks for the replies, I have done some research on the subject more on the coding aspect than the actual display as the coding restricts what will work with my vehicles build spec, I’m looking at the 6wa panel at the moment as they are quite abundant and much lower price than the 6wb, my vehicle year is 11/2011 build and with the 6wb I would not benefit from the from the full enhancements of the 6wb display due to upgrading other additional upgrades such as lane departure etc and more to get the full functions of the 6wb, The main reason for the 6wa is it looks great improvement over the std display albeit with the restriction of retrofit.
  6. Oldbilly

    Black panel display

    Has anyone tried to retrofit a black panel display 6WA on their 5 series also what are the enhancements.
  7. Oldbilly

    keyless entry pairing

    Thanks for your replies, regarding the two keys I removed the battery covers and the bmw part numbers are the same so they are both genuine, I’ll have a look in the cas block.
  8. Oldbilly

    keyless entry pairing

    When purchased my 2011 525d f11 I was given two keys but only one worked, the key looks unused and almost new looking so I have fitted a new battery and tried pairing it by unlocking the car with the working key and offering the non working key to the key symbol on the steering column and pressing the start button, done this a few times but it will not pair, anyone had this problem?
  9. Oldbilly

    Drive-train error message

    Could be intermittent battery charging voltage causing the drive train error
  10. Oldbilly

    Coding with Vgate iCar Pro & Bimmercode

    I have recently purchased the Vgate pro 4 along with bimmercode and bimmerlink iOS for my 2011 f11 and it works really well, I have coded a number changes such as daytime running lights with rear lights on, halo brightness to 100% and stop start disabled, the only thing to remember is to code one change at a time.
  11. Oldbilly

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    I had same problem bimmerlink and I altered the Bluetooth on the bimmerlink phone app to on, and it connected immediately, hope this helps!
  12. Oldbilly

    New member

  13. Oldbilly

    New member

    Hi, I was trying upload some pics on my 2011 f11 525d 64k from new lovely car with a good number of extras too!
  14. Oldbilly

    525d small turbo problem

    Why not buy a s/h turbo with a working actuator, new or s/h whatever choice you make It would need coding
  15. Oldbilly

    Bluetooth diagnostics

    Thanks for the reply will give it a try, will the Bluetooth iPhone connection to the car cause any problems connecting?