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  1. Oldbilly

    2013 F11 Pro Media scratched screen

    After searching on the internet and watching YouTube showing how to polish your idrive using a polishing compound which as far I was concerned was a cutting/polishing compound just like farecla G3 So now I have polished the idrive screen on my f11 using a small amount of G3 on a damp microfibre cloth, just make sure it’s done gently with very little pressure which has turned out looking like new, I also have a screen protector to fit once I get round to removing idrive.
  2. Oldbilly

    Wheel noise

    Disc Looks really bad, but remove the pads and you need to put a bolt in opposite the grub screw on the disc to straighten it up on the hub for the test, you will then get a more reliable bearing noise.
  3. Oldbilly

    Wheel noise

    Chock the front wheels And jack up the rear and remove wheels, put on axle stands run the car in drive ideally using a stethoscope to listen on the hub.
  4. Oldbilly

    slight creak when reversing

    I’d be looking at the brake callipers and pads on that side, when they warmup they will expand and get tighten up!
  5. Oldbilly

    Wheel noise

    Are you sure you changed the right wheel bearing as they can be difficult to diagnose
  6. Oldbilly

    rubbing noise on turning steering

    Sounds like something has come adrift that has caused the steering wheel buttons and the restraint system to fail, to gain access you need to remove the airbag, once the airbag is removed there are two connectors at the the base of the clock spring which the connectors plug into, you should also see a spring loaded metal plate with wire clips this is the horn ring also the clips holding the the airbag in position when fitted but it sounds like something has failed/ broken in the clock spring and maybe severed some wiring or an earth fault causing these problems
  7. Oldbilly

    rubbing noise on turning steering

    Sounds like something has broken and come adrift, Not sure how much the clock spring are also if it’s related for your problem, it’s a possibility it may be something related to the airbag as it’s coming up with the restraint system, if it was me I would remove the steering wheel airbag and have look at wire clips that hold the airbag to the steering wheel
  8. Oldbilly

    Bimmercode drivers seat belt

    Today I tried to deactivate the drivers seat belt (not have to have the seatbelt on to move the car) and I lost the auto hold so I had to deactivate it back, what am I doing wrong?
  9. Oldbilly

    rubbing noise on turning steering

    could be the clock spring where the indicator stalks are or as I suggested before some plastic may have broken and is rubbing on the steering shaft?
  10. Oldbilly

    Cat C cars

    A cat C Is the same as the new category S now, meaning structural damage, I have repaired many damaged cars over the years and if I intended to buy a.Cat C I would be looking at the chassis very closely for chassis twists and wheel base measurements which is very easy to check by putting a measuring tape from outside rim rear to outside rim front through the rim centre on both sides of the vehicle these measurements should the same give or take 5mm, also all gaps around the vehicle including wheel arch to top of wheel.
  11. Oldbilly

    80 stored errors and 13 faults present in Carly

    Test the battery voltage, when the battery starts to fail everything goes haywire!
  12. Oldbilly

    Engine/Brake Oil service

    Some years ago 1 had a325i convertible that was due a 40k oil service just to keep up the bmw service history and quoted £250 by barons Bedford, I had the service done and then told me over £300 I challenged them and they backed down to the original price. Apart from that I carry out all my servicing usually with Mahle filters and a good ll04 spec oil.
  13. Here’s a rare Citroen Maserati I had for 3 years in the eighties only 329 sold in uk and I had two!
  14. Oldbilly


    It’s all a unknown factor, If I had a choice of being able to travel abroad I would not go, with things as they are there is no telling what restrictions would be in place when you want to return, due to COVID mutations everything that happens now is subject to a government reactions to the situation at the time also you have no way of knowing what you may be bringing back even without having any symptoms, furthermore if that happens there could be enforced quarantined regulations, just my opinion but no for me definitely not!
  15. Oldbilly

    Painting pdc sensors.

    I’ve painted quite a few over the years and not just bmw sensors, mount them on cardboard which keeps them in place, a light rub with a scotch pad, spray with self etch primer, colour and finally clear coat.