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  1. Reidy_r11

    F11 2015 530d judder

    This is an interesting thread , I have quite a severe judder through the brake pedal when heavy braking/from speed, assumed it was pads or discs.
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for servicing and other possible repairs - F11 535d
  3. I’m in the market for a F11 M Sport 520d or above. Probably a 15’ plate or newer. Due to the current pandemic I’m not able to test drive anything at the dealerships and I can’t be bothered with the hassle of returning the car if I really don’t like it (took months to get refund back a few years ago on previous car) Really wanting to make sure it’s the next car for me before I part with my cash and I’m just wondering if anyone would be willing to let me have a short test drive of their F11. A couple of miles or so around your local roads etc. You accompanying me of course with face covering and hand sanitizer. I’ve had my first vaccine for COVID also about 3 weeks ago , if that helps anyone be put at ease? As a thank you, in addition to covering fuel costs, I’d happily offer a full detail of the car at my garage. I do a lot of enthusiast detailing on my own and friends cars and would enjoy giving the big beast some TLC! I’m Glasgow based, but don’t mind travelling a bit further afield within Scotland if anyone would be willing to help out. Cheers Craig.
  4. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    That in some way sums up how I’m feeling!
  5. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    Each to their own. I agree in part, need to move up the trim level or it just looks and feels like a big private hire taxi. ive not even used the brollys in the door cards. Definitely wouldn’t miss them.
  6. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    Nice car! Rare to see a 535d! I guess we’ll spec’d one of those is definitely worth a look. bearing just needing replaced then?
  7. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    Yeah that’s were it gets a little tricky. Trying to find one for the budget that has the spec of the Superb. Its the sportsline model and is fairly loaded with kit. Adaptive cruise would be real sacrifice , apple car play...and the fact I can put my rear seats down!!
  8. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    Really just out of the shear desire to have a 5 series. I the father in laws well equipped 530d for a few weeks a while ago. Sadly he’s now wrote it off.
  9. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    That’s what one side of my head says !
  10. Reidy_r11

    Used F10 - M sport - high or low mileage??

    It’s a 2.0 diesel I have at the moment and my driving is typically long as I live out in the countryside so a trip to the supermarket there is a 30/40 mile round trip
  11. Hi guys first time poster here! i’m looking to get myself into a used F10 or F11. My preference would be the M sport version not really fussed as long as it’s a 520D or up My dilemma is that I have a two-year-old Skoda Superb which I have bought brand-new. Low mileage and still on the warranty etc, but always really wanted an F10/F11 Has anyone bought one with high mileage? Would you recommend this? Am I being crazy trading in a new a car with a warranty for something that’s maybe 5/6 years old and has 50k or 70k miles on the clock?! This will be used as a daily driver, mainly rural roads and ferrying the wife and daughter around. Don’t really commute into city. I would want to spend around sub £20,000 mark. What should I look out for aside for good service history?