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  1. Si_xsi

    E39 530i Sport Saloon Wanted

    Not yet, I need to contact the seller and ask a few questions and subject to response try and get to see it but not easy at the moment. Just concious at the price it's at, if it's not had any refresh to cooling or suspension a d needs arch liners do I really want to be shelling out what it's up for. But I guess I need to come round to the fact these are old cars and will need money spending on them. If the jobs can be prioritised and spread over a bit of time it's not too bad. It's seems to be best of the bunch at the moment. But I may wait and see if something better comes along.
  2. Si_xsi

    E39 530i Sport Saloon Wanted

    Not seen Jimmy's motor but Dan is correct. Thanks for thinking of me though the hunt is still very much alive but I'm in no rush and want to find the right car.
  3. Si_xsi

    E39 530i

    I contacted Collecting cars to find out if it was still available, they said £7,100 would secure it! Few days later it appears on Car and Classic from the seller directly at £6.5kono! https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/car/C1297934 It appears to be in good condition bodywork wise, from photos at least, and good service history but no mention of a cooling or suspension refresh. Also low miles. Im tempted but does still seem pricey, would prefer the larger 18inch M Paras too
  4. Si_xsi

    E39 530i

    Did anyone go and see this? What do we think its worth? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/2001-bmw-e39-530i-m-sport
  5. Si_xsi

    E39 530i Sport Saloon Wanted

    Maybe, from my albeit limited knowledge, I had discounted them as I thought the V8s tend to be a bit more troublesome/fragile compared to the straight sixes. And fuel economy whilst not be all and end all, is a consideration. Thought the 535s were only made to around 2000, then superseded by 540i. Happy to look at any details if you know of one but will be focusing on 530i sports from 2000-2003. Thanks
  6. Never seen a manual F11 535i. My brother has a 535i touring on a 66 plate, dark blue with white/cream leather, auto. He generally swaps cars every 12 months and it must be about that time again. If he does I will let you know.
  7. Si_xsi

    E39 530i Sport Saloon Wanted

    Morning All, Newbie here, having been in contact with the good man Dan 1979 on Pistonheads about these old relics, it was suggested I put up a wanted ad. I'm looking for the above in as good a mechanical and cosmetic condition as possible. Not fussed on colours too much but do prefer the non black/silver cars, having said this I wouldn't rule them out. Really like The M Parallel wheels but guess these can be changed if it has the other 18inch ones that came on the Sports. Sub 120k miles preferred but would consider higher. A solid well care fore example with detailed history and proof of addressing some of the typical issues with cooling system and suspension refresh is what i'm after. It would be a second car but still needs to be presentable for me to take to meetings, so a £2k rusty one with dents and scrapes isn't going to be of interest! I generally keep an eye on the usual places like ebay, Pistonheads, Autotrader and Car and Classic but if any members on here are considering selling then please get in contact. Cheers Simon