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  1. Aussie39

    LED headlight bulbs

    Well I have the capacitors permanently soldered in place now for a few days & so far all good. So I guess if you're running LED's in the reversing lights, and even maybe in the angel eyes, fitting these capacitors could be a cheap viable method to prevent them flashing when the car does it's cold checks. Cheers from Oz Colin.
  2. Aussie39

    LED headlight bulbs

    Hi again Guys sharkfan, relays are one way to cure this but I have found a couple more. Gte86 you might be interested in this also. Firstly it seems most E39's were fitted with the LCM3 module which has limited cold checks programmability (think I just invented a new word.!) but if you retrofit the LCM4 module they have a heap more options as to code cold checks you can cancel including reversing lights. Only trouble there is it needs to be coded to your car not to mention the pain of actually getting to the module in the passenger side foot well. Second method, and by far the easiest & cheapest, is to fit an electrolytic capacitor across the 2 wires feeding power to the reversing lights. I bought a couple to try on the headlights but obviously didn't need them once I realized I had the necessary software to code them out. The capacitor will shunt pulses to earth before they can activate the LED but don't affect the operation of the LED when reverse is selected & there is a constant voltage applied to the LED's. I am an electronics technician by trade (retired now) & thought of this the other day. So I bought 2x 2200 micro farad (2200uf) @ 25 volt electrolytic capacitors & temporarily connected them across the appropriate pins on the tail light connector, then watched for about 5 minutes. When the ignition is first switched on the LED's will flicker several times while the car does it's initial checking, but after that nothing. I will watch for longer once I have soldered them in place later but it looks promising. The capacitors cost me just under $4:00 for the 2 whereas a used LCM4 would be around $200 plus the extra bother fitting & coding etc. The only thing to watch is these capacitors are polarity concious so make sure you get the positive & negative wires the right way around or your tail light cavity will be full of paper & tin foil when they explode.!! Hope this helps, I'll update later once I have the capacitors securely fixed into place but it sure looks hopeful. Cheers Colin.
  3. Aussie39

    LED headlight bulbs

    OK Fella Update on my issue. Apparently the software on my laptop is capable of altering code checks in my car so I have just successfully turned off the cold checks on both low & high beam headlights. Thanks again for your help. BUT..... Gte86, there was no option to turn off cold checks on the reversing lights. I've had LED bulbs in my reversing lights for a couple of years now & always thought they were OK but checking them today while I was out there with my laptop it appears they flash intermittently also. Whatever I tried I couldn't stop them so if you do find a solution to that issue I'd love to hear what it is. And as soon as I finish installing the LED's into my headlights & get out for a night time drive I'll let you know what the beam pattern is like. Once again thank you all for your help. Regards Colin.
  4. Aussie39

    LED headlight bulbs

    Gte86 Thanks for your input. I do have some software on my laptop & also a scanner but I don't think it's capable of changing anything more than the basic error codes etc. As for beam pattern I can't tell you, I haven't driven the car at night with the LED's fitted, our cops would take a dim view of driving down the road with lights intermittently flashing like that. Until I have the issue sorted I am still running halogen bulbs. Ray112 & sharkfan, thank you guys too for your comments. I'll be checking exactly what my software is capable of & if it's not able to cancel those checks then I might talk to my mechanic next week. Cheers all.
  5. Aussie39

    LED headlight bulbs

    G'day Guys from "Down Under" I have a 2001 530 M-Sport with the facelift angel eye halogen headlights fitted. I've been trying to replace the halogen bulbs with LED bulbs but having a small problem. I have tried 3 different styles of bulbs & 2 different "anti flicker CANBUS error cancelling" adapters but still have one issue. The lights are stable when they are turned on & there is no blown bulb indication on my cluster. However when the lights are turned off the LED's flash once approx every 30 seconds or so which I assume is the car carrying out it's blown bulb checks. Apparently there are adapters available that will solve this issue but I'm having trouble establishing which ones they are & where to source them. Any help from the forum members would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Colin.
  6. Aussie39

    New member

    Hi Guys & Gals I just signed on to this forum site, just wanted to say Hi from Australia. Look forward to interacting with you. Cheers.