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  1. I'm in the process of converting my AC from R12 to R134 on my 1984 M30B28. I've had the whole system checked over before retrofitting, and there is a problem with the original compressor. It kicks in as AC is turned on but then stops permanently. The AC mechanic says its not the clutch or connection related, but a problem inside the unit. Something about low pressure which I confess I don't understand. There are no BMW genuine replacements and we are both struggling to find anyone that refurbs locally (my preferred choice). Does anyone know of an aftermarket brand that would bolt on with or without a mounting kit (AC mechanic could fabricate). I've read elsewhere of people installing a Sanden SD-508 on their E24 633 and that made we wonder. Many thanks.
  2. garryv

    My first BMW - E28 528i

    Yep they do, about $90 local dollars, plus $290 for a new receiver. Don't think it stands for anything, plates were on the car when I purchased I'll keep that in mind, thanks!
  3. Purchased the car December last year. From what I have researched I'm the fourth owner. Car is very original, few mechanical problems to sort out from a lack of care and driving (last owner inherited the car and did not like it). A couple rust spots too - bonnet and left front door about halfway down. I'm focused on getting her reliable first - changed belts, hoses, water pump - and changed front lower control arms which gives a more stable ride. Need to convert the air con as its still R12 and you NEED air con here, gets hot at idle (hits 1pm on the dial) but the fan clutch looks OK so still troubleshooting that, power steering line has a small leak. Cosmetic stuff I want to do: fix OBC which is not on at all, rear windows stutter all the way down, drivers seat is not aligned and points left, headliner was yellow staining on the c-pillars, and electric seats don't like adjustments with any weight on them.
  4. garryv

    Rust under hood air grille - repair kits?

    I'll see what the local dealers want for a new hood - not expecting much less than $1000 here in Australia. I'll get some quotes on a repair too - rest of the bonnet is in good shape. I've got all the foam and rubbers new and ready to go - once I decide which way to go.
  5. garryv

    Rust under hood air grille - repair kits?

    That’s sounds like the only approach. Thanks.
  6. Hello, recently purchased my first E28 - a 1984 528i. Its is good condition - so far I've being slowly working on mechanics to get her reliable. I've found rust under the right side hood grille/vent (51131874518). It's visible under the hood if you peel away the insulation (51481904314). From under the hood, the sheet metal looks like a seperate piece welded to the hood itself. My question is: any chance an aftermarket repair kit exists for this, or a part number? RealOEM doesn't show anything so I'm not hopeful. Thanks in advance.