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  1. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    Cazoo were brilliant, 20 minutes and the funds were transferred. I would definitely recommend them
  2. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    .....So today is the day, my 5 series is being picked up shortly and I managed to nab an in stock Tesla Model 3 LR in Blue for collection Thursday! Hope I don't miss the 5 too much!
  3. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    I take it your Model 3 turned up? I have amended my order now to a Long Range, you can then add the “go faster” upgrade which just happened a over “the air”. delivery for me is November!!
  4. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    Had a bit of a stonking offer from Cazoo, so its booked in to be picked up my them on Tuesday! I will update if they pay what's quoted!
  5. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    I will try those now, WBAC just offered 39k, Motorway offered 41.2k. Hoping BMW may offer similar. After I drove it I new I had to have one, the inside is brilliant and the tech really makes me want to get it! Think I will put the deposit down tomorrow, then just wait to get rid of mine until Nov. Its that, or sell now and buy a banger until it comes! Arnold clark £39,382
  6. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    I had a test drive of the performance version yesterday, hence why I contacted BMW/ WBAC motorway.co.uk today to get prices for mine...... Just don't know whether to pay for a colour. And do I sell mine now, or wait until November(Next delivery slots for Tesla) and hope I can sort it out then?
  7. Daaaavvveee

    Appreciating Asset?

    I have noticed that my 520i value has come to the point where it is 6 months old and I can sell it and walk away with more money than I put in. That got me looking at a Tesla. I now think I am going to swap it for a base model Tesla Model 3. Pram & car seat fits in fine, and that was the reason I got the 5! I just don't know if I can push the button and commit.
  8. Daaaavvveee

    BMW digital car key on iPhone

    Just hold the phone near the handle, takes a couple of seconds then the car unlocks
  9. Daaaavvveee

    BMW digital car key on iPhone

    No none really, don't really use it that much mind
  10. Daaaavvveee

    BMW digital car key on iPhone

    I have it activated on my XS, works well!
  11. Daaaavvveee

    Price please G31 Boot liner

    sorry missed the reply, I will PM reg , thanks
  12. Hi All; Finally had the new car delivered...... I will take better pictures this weekend
  13. Daaaavvveee

    Delivery times

    & delivery is tomorrow.........Its like Xmas!
  14. Daaaavvveee

    Price please G31 Boot liner

    Afternoon, can I get the price for the boot liner please for the G31 touring please? (I can pick up as I am only in Tewkesbury) Thanks
  15. Just submitted my details, hopefully you can be competitive