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  1. Does anyone have any information about them? Maybe we can reverse engineer them. Some pics of the globes would be a good start.
  2. Resurrecting this thread again (sorry). Wanting to purchase a pair for my LCI halogens.. Anyone know where Baus is or if they are for sale anywhere?
  3. Hey, when I first got this unit the wireless CarPlay worked without having to go into my Bluetooth settings on my phone. I then used the wired CarPlay, which resulted in Having to manually connect Bluetooth every time I wanna use wireless. is there any way to get this to automatically connect like it used to when I first installed it? Cheers.
  4. Hey bud. So you found the cause for the issue with the electric seats and steering adjustment?
  5. I installed the reverse camera too, didn't have to power it from any lamp. I just grounded the wire on a torx screw fixed the the latch. My understanding was that the headunit powered the cam.
  6. Hey bud. I have the same unit, same firmware, and same professional nav with the 6 cd under the DVD. Was a nightmare installing. I eventually jammed the wires behind and used the screws to fasten it tight! Was not fun! I have the wifi carplay issue too, and they have just sent me a firmware update tonight. Will install tomorrow and see how it works, and report back. I had another issue and it still isn't resolved, and I'm unsure if it's related or not. But my front power seats have stopped working, as well as the automatic steering tilt when you turn off the ignition. If anyone has any ideas that'd be much appreciated! Cheers.