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  1. NBT with large display would make this a Professional system. It can definitely play videos, as I had a whole collection of music videos in mp4 format. Played video as long as the car gearbox was in P, with sound only once in D. However, I had a 64gb USB stick that was permanently connected in. I'm not sure if you can use your phone as a USB stick and do this in the same way?
  2. BarraBoy


    I feel your pain mate!!! I once went to an industrial estate to collect some items and had to park some distance in order to ensure the car was safely parked. When I came back some low life decided to use my boot lid to place their coffee cup on and left their unfinished drink just sitting there!!! Last I looked at my boot lid, it looks nothing like a coffee table!!!!
  3. BarraBoy

    Petrol or diesel

    Even if you leave it in hybrid mode (let the car do its thing) it will still return good mpg in using combination of the two power trains. No harm in adleast test driving one as a comparison, now that the showrooms have opened up. I don't own one yet, but it will be high on the list for test driving when choosing my next ride.
  4. BarraBoy

    Petrol or diesel

    8 miles commute each way also makes you an ideal candidate for a hybrid as well? The 530e should be able to do that in all electric mode as well.
  5. BarraBoy

    Smart repair in Essex/East London

    He's on YouTube as well, having recently done a repair on the new shape M5.
  6. Looks fantastic mate!! Suits the car colour. My boy triggered my OCD when he researched the BMW alloys on my car and told me that the tyre valve, the 'M' in BMW and the M Sport logo should all line up. Hopefully you don't have my condition!!
  7. Looking forward to seeing your refreshed alloys!!!
  8. BarraBoy

    Replacement battery email from BMW

    I remember when I setup my connected drive (when I first bought the car) there was an option of low battery notification, which I ticked. However, over last couple of years they removed this and also note more recently logging in from the home computer they have now also removed remote services as well!!!!
  9. BarraBoy

    Front seat belts moldy

    Check the carpets on the nearside front and back and see if there is water present. There is known gromit issue on these cars, link is in the top heading 'Heavy Rain, Water Leak'
  10. BarraBoy

    I’m back in a 5!

    Nice car and looks well spec'd. I was lucky to get a sunroof on mine and with such a dark interior it makes a lot of difference the extra light. You'll be pleased to here that even the newest Mercedes with sunroof don't come with electric sunroof blind!!! I note you also have ceramic finish on the idrive controller and gear stick, that must be rare as well!!!
  11. BarraBoy

    Service warning.

    Go into the service menu and see what the mileage matches too. I recently noticed this in mine and turns out it relates to the front brake pads, but is still green in the service menu.
  12. I always state do not wash with my dealer. As I normally wait for my services it also means I get the car back just a little bit quicker!!
  13. Yes, that looks great. Pleased to hear that it works well on the silver body as well.
  14. I know what you mean, I'm not a fan of all dark plain alloys. However, a slight shadow to the standard silver on the alloy against your car colour I think will go quite nicely.
  15. Charged mine today (from under the bonnet), had taken 6 hours. Is that colour carbon black, looks nice with the sun hitting it? I have imperial blue, also looks dark and solid until the sun hits and makes it pop. 4 years of ownership and the other day my neighbour states they didn't realise my car was blue as I was putting on the final touches in the sun, having washed it.
  16. BarraBoy

    Rear tyre change

    Cheers mate!!
  17. BarraBoy

    Rear tyre change

    Which website is this from? It's quite a good price for that tyre.
  18. BarraBoy

    Rear tyre change

    No experience with Falken, but to keep this debate open I have Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GT on mine as it left the factory and I'm very happy with these.
  19. I've had mine for exactly 4yrs and it's my first bimmer as well. It's been such a fantastic car in my ownership, I would need to find a dam good excuse to change it.
  20. BarraBoy

    Black panel display

    Hi, if you are on Facebook look up Jay BMW Retrofits UK seems to have undertaken quite a lot upgrades for customers. There was also somebody in West London, mentioned in this forum, but I don't have the details who did the same thing. May even be the same person as above? If you're looking at a 6WA it may be worth looking at 6WB (fully digital) or adleast see what the cost difference would be? 6WA became standard on LCI models, 2013 onwards and I think that's when they brought in the 6WB as an option.
  21. BarraBoy

    New car purchased today!!!

    I have Dunlop RFT's on my car and have had a nail repair done on it (4 yrs ago and still going), at the time I used eTyres for that. I was confident that they would repair it as firstly I never let the tyre pressure drop and secondly it also is governed by the manufacturer whether they recommend a repair or not. Dunlop for RFT's seem to allow a repair. Check the manufacturers website.
  22. BarraBoy

    New car purchased today!!!

    Yes, mine does exactly the same thing in this type of weather and there is a difference in feel until the oil warms up a bit.
  23. As above, but in case you didn't take the battery out then connecting the battery directly from the boot is generally not recommended. The best place for battery connection is actually under the bonnet where you will see a positive red cover and a protruding earthing point for the negative connection.
  24. BarraBoy

    New car purchased today!!!

    With the transmission, in order to activate the sports setting for quicker gear shifts, just push the lever to the left. It will on the instrument cluster come up as S1 (this is still in auto mode but will shift only between 1 to 7 gears only). See if this helps?
  25. BarraBoy

    satnav not working on 2016 F11 530D estate

    There's a video on YouTube by the name of Nut Job. He explained in there that as the ex police cars are special order directly from BMW they deleted a lot of unwanted items at the factory. Bottom line here was he was at the time mentioning adding an android compatabile device with a large screen. This maybe a cheaper solution rather than trying to revive the standard BMW satnav. Sorry, I know it's not very helpful but worth watching his videos of the differences he has come across. He even swapped out his cloth seats for leather. Also he's not posted anything in the last year, not sure why, but I did enjoy his content of challenges he had with his ex police car.