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  1. Hello wonder if you could help me,,I had a falt with overvoltage and loads of errors on the I drive ,it turned out to be faulty alternater ,iv changed that well I was there I changed the glow plugs and relay and battery, every thin was fine for couple of k miles .then had fule filter code and generator plus glow plug relay code ,changed fuil filter and put me old relay back on .relay falt code and fuil filter code gon for a bit ,but now getting glow plug relay and genorator falt ,car seems to of been cranking slow for a while and steadily got worse ,now it's taking ages before it starts,I've had battery test at quickfit ,battery tested fine and holds a good charge .it cranking slow al the time now and barley starts, do you think it's something iv missed wen changing glow plug relay or genorator ,or is starter motor had it ,cars fine wen running and alternator putting out 14.4 there a bouts .thank you for any help you can give me 


    1. JasonH


      Well I have two suggestions.


      The first is have you had the battery cable recall? There have been two recalls and the last one was with the last year or so I think. The main battery positive cable goes through the boot floor on a kind of heavy duty connector. The recall is Main Dealer and free (even for a 17 year old car). It's all E60's and E61's. The connector corrodes and could cause the sort of issues you are seeing with charging and starting.


      The second possibility doesn't cover everything but the starter motor in these cars does fail in an odd way. it still works but cranks really slowly like having a flat battery. I suspect you could probably clean up or repair it but most people replace it.



    2. Vman123


      Iv had the battery cable recall done in the boot.since owning the car and I've checked vin number to look for other recalls but it says non need doing so I can only presume the other one was done before I got the car .the cars done 120000 miles and from wot iv been reeding the starter motors are prone to failing around or   Before these miles ,il change starter motor like you say , thanks a lot for your help ,wasent sure how or ware to post on this forum so just replayed to your post as you seem to no your stuff ,thanks again