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  1. Benje1990

    E34 328i gearbox prop diff help

    Hey guys can anyone help!? I have a 520i e34 it was swapped for a m50b25NV befor I owned it, ive done a turbo build was about to get car tuned then realized I had a weak Getrag gearbox move just purchased a 328i ZF 5 speed is their a diff/ prop that can be bought that will bolt straight up? will I need a custom prop? any idea if my diff will currently be a small case or medium? I’m going to get the car on the ramp this week hopefully and pull the diff cover and measure the ring gear as I’m not sure how else to work out if it’s medium or not any help will be appreciated Thanks ben
  2. Benje1990

    No power to fuel pump!?

    my cps should be arriving today, I paid for 24hr delivery and a day later they refunded my delivery charge and told be they couldn’t get it out that quickly.... I’ve moved my car from my unit to my house now we’re it fits in my home garage! Can now tackle all the small jobs without having to travel 20mins each way to my unit. The build is on it’s finally stretch now! will report back when I’ve confirmed the issue
  3. Hey guys! I had a friend of mine(skilled mechanic) fit a stage two clutch to my e34 2.5 manual. while he was on furlough and bored... he did the clutch but left the prop uninstalled due to the donut being dead and letting me order one, after ordering one it being wrong size sending it back and getting the right one i proceeded To fit the prop back on the transmission, the prop was never disconnected from the diff, only center bearing dropped. ive re fitted but the shaft doesn’t slide very far onto the center bearing, it’s like 2.5 inches away. im scratching my head as I don’t understand what’s changed, how is it that the prop is now shorter? Or that the engine is further forward? il upload a picture the new donut was the exact same thickness as the old one. cheers guys
  4. Benje1990

    No power to fuel pump!?

    cheers whisky I jumped the pins and the pumps comes on, ive also noticed that my rpm gauge doesn’t move when cranking so thinking maybe dead crank sensor witch makes sense. ordered a crank sensor today will fit and report back thanks
  5. Benje1990

    No power to fuel pump!?

    Hey peeps new here looking for some technical advise, done some searching online Stil non the wiser, had my 1994 e34 off the road for over a year while I’ve slowly been doing a turbo build (2.5nv) I went to prime it today for the first time in forever And my fuel pump isn’t getting power? Ignition comes on and I can crank but no power to fuel pump, fuses are good relay is fine but no ecu signal? what should I check? I’ve had a look at what imboliser this car has but looks like it’s already been by past a while back as the cables have been cut and the things been unplugged. what can cause the ecu not to give the relay signal to switch? cheers Ben