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  1. martin perry

    E61 530i touring - Jap import

    Also, Changing the radio frequencies is dead easy with NCS.
  2. martin perry

    E61 530i touring - Jap import

    My one, imported 5 years ago with 25k miles has been a bloody nightmare! Had to replace a noisy water pump, and Ive just had to replace all 4 tyres!! And my god the rust.
  3. martin perry

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Not a lot yet - I must confess Ive never really had anyone waste my time on these cars - Maybe the pricing tends to weed out the mouth breathers? I think people are being a bit wary financially for obvious reasons. Im not in a great hurry to sell, and normally find once the right person comes along, the sale happens almost immediately, sometimes sight unseen, and very often without a test drive! Also, due to the collectability, they sometimes end up outside the UK! Ref the "tonced up" bit - I think this refers back to an earlier era, when apparently, UK importers would literally hoover up a transporter ship load of anything before it even got to the Japanese auction market then auction them at the dockside in Southampton. This was obviously very indiscriminate and resulted in a lot of rubbish arriving. The high end (Gr 4 / 4.5) cars have, in my experience, invariably been amazing. Sometimes they have bizzare "faults" - A recent example was a Merc SL350 I bought in for a friend. Bought as having a roof fault. This could be VERY expensive to sort, but we took the chance. When it arrived, I found the pneumatic pump fuse (30A) had been substituted with a 20A, which, unsurprisingly, had blown!!. Replaced it, and all works perfectly! I really cant explain this sort of thing - I wonder if there is some element of deliberate sabotage at some stage in the auction process in the hope of getting a bargain??
  4. martin perry

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Will consider giving some basic pointers on the import process at a later date. Ref the condition of the cars, there are multiple factors at play here in my opinion. The imported cars (BMS, Jags, Mercs etc) Seem to be bought very much as prestige objects, and, as such are cherished and rarely used. Indeed, the higher end stuff (M5s, AMG mercs, Ferraris, Bentleys etc) Tend to be bought LHD. This is so the owner can be seen from the kerbside whilst out posing on a Saturday night. ( I kid you not!!) Generally, they seem to be at least ceramic sealed on a routine basis, and the professional valets who look them over reckon most are paint corrected as well. The traffic in most of Japan is so heavy that the cars cant be used as they are in the UK - If you want to go out, you use public transport. Accordingly, they don't get parked in supermarkets with the accompanying door bashing, scrapes etc. The climate is much warmer than the UK, and in areas with snow/ Ice they don't generally use salt. Also, the roads are properly maintained, so suspension components don't get destroyed. The population is aging, and the pensioners are generally very wealthy. Typically they do 70 / 80% of its mileage in the first few years (With servicing done as appropriate) then sub 1000K per year on average. The Shaken (MOT) system requires a very thorough going over and at least basic servicing every 2 years, and is, as I understand it, in the region of £500 a pop. Also, anything worn gets replaced. Finally, the Japanese culture - they care for things! I recently bought a 30 year old Yamaha Piano which, ike the cars, is as new and in the opinion of the tuner, better than new due to the attention it has recieved over the years.
  5. martin perry

    E39 530i - Jap import

    The front mount is removable, so Ive direct mounted a UK front plate (Taped) - You could get a UK plinth if it bothered you. Agreed ref the rear, again, a whole boot lid would address that!! It is a shame - Mercedes fitted an easily swappable trim panel for the entire number plate area in this area, and e39 toureres of this era had a full sized plate orifice.
  6. martin perry

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Yes - the Japs do generally seem very monochrome!! Pretty well everything ive ever imported has been silver 0r black!!
  7. martin perry

    E39 530i - Jap import

    Hi Steve New to this forum - I am actually the seller - Thanks Dan for the flag up. Im a petrolhead dentist, who got into importing as a hobby by accident when I bought a Jap Testarossa and realised what a bizzare market the top level Jap cars are! I generally only ever import Gr 4.5 cars - That way you know there isnt any hidden accident damage, and the Jap auction houses always flag up any replacement panels etc. Anyway, to answer your question, once registered, in my experience, they are treated exactly as UK cars for insurance purposes. If you use Moneysupermarket.com, they have a specific tick box for Jap imports. Interestingly, a couple of years ago, my son in law had a non blame write off of a Jap E60 545. He had it insured for £5500 which is what it cost us to import - Book value was probably about £3500. When the third party loss adjuster came round, he looked the remains over and increased the value to £7K since he had never seen a car in such good condition!! Regarding the spoiler - looks totally stock to me - maybe its the angle?