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  1. Spotted as I pulled out of work this afternoon, looked pretty nice! I like the wheels!
  2. AdamB

    Coding a Bosch ABS ASC module

    Thanks. I'm gonna do the module swap, recode and steering reset as soon as I get a couple of hours spare.
  3. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Interesting as they’ve replaced airbags in both of my e39’s. tbh though from the sounds of it they didn’t know how to remove the airbag. id be going back and complaining, getting them to fit a new airbag for good measure AND a new trim piece to the steering wheel.
  4. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    So theoretically I might be able to get to the stinky bit and spray some of the ac cleaning foam at it? sorry, I kind of meant evaporator instead of heater matrix anyway.
  5. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Out of interest, when you did this, are you able to see the heater matrix?
  6. AdamB

    Coding a Bosch ABS ASC module

    I saw this video of the sensor being reset with inpa… https://youtu.be/8pCNaGayE0o has anyone ever done it this way?
  7. AdamB

    Aircon musty smell

    Anyone know if you can access any of the evaporator through the FSU hole?
  8. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Nice one Jon! Totally worth the time, effort and expense!
  9. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Well I refitted my abs module after it had been tested twice, cleared fault codes and reset lights. Pulled off the driveway and lights came back on… doh! I'm gonna try the spare module, just waiting to be able to update NCS Expert and DIS etc as I had an old version. Hoping the coding and steering angle sensor recalibration is as easy as people say it is. If the fault still occurs then issue is definitely with pump, so I’ll have a choice to either replace with the spare unit I had tested or remove and repair the existing one.
  10. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Cotswold bmw, or any other bmw parts dept for that matter…
  11. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    What’s the normal error messages for pre-charge pump?
  12. AdamB

    Coding a Bosch ABS ASC module

    Are these all the steps? have you got a link to a method of how to calibrate steering? Does this definitely need to be done with DIS after coding a new module? would I be able to plug back in my old module without issues after coding a new module?