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  1. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Hoping Simon can sort me out with a 002 unit. anyone know how to code the unit if I end up getting a different one? Can it be done with the usual programs? (Inpa / ncsexpert )
  2. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Only happens if car is already hot when I turn it on… no other time. if I leave it long enough to cool, the lights reset themselves on the next drive. not sure about steering sensor, I reset that and that has stayed cleared since. i’m exploring options of getting a s/h unit to test, and seeing if ECUTesting can repair what has been damaged on this one. - I don’t have much faith as they never found a problem in the first place!
  3. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Glad you’re getting it back!
  4. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    If I reset the lights once engine cooled, the abs works, I can go and stamp on the brakes etc and get the correct response. this only happens when the heat soak occurs all irrelevant now though dhl dropped the parcel
  5. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    No luck with my abs module. ecutesting have had it and found no faults… im a bit lost now, there’s definitely an issue somewhere, could it really be the pump module ?
  6. AdamB

    ABS / brake lights "trifecta"

    Not sure what to do now!
  7. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That can’t have been cheap!?
  8. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Earlier this week I sent my ABS module off to ECUTesting (due to intermittent heat-soak related issues) Due to a massive f*ck-up by DHL, it only arrived there on Friday. Hopefully, they’ll have it diagnosed and repaired either today or tomorrow. I’ve not wanted to drive the car (or even turn the ignition on) whilst the module isn’t fitted. Whilst I had the opportunity I thought I’d look into why my steering wheel airbag has always sat wonky. So much so the horn would only work when it was pressed in a specific direction. Someone suggested it probably just needed removing and re-seating. I removed the airbag earlier in the week and checked everything, all seemed ok generally, but the spring clip bracket seemed to have issues… it seemed slightly bent, and one of the spring clips was very stiff/stuck. On refitting the airbag, the issue was still present. I found another used bracket on eBay, that arrived speedily. After fitting this my airbag is now central with a decent gap all the way around it. (Maybe not perfect, but good enough for me for now.) it appears, as I’ve read in a certain service bulletin that if the airbag has operated, you’re meant to change the entire steering wheel… this is apparently because bmw never supplied the bracket separately! so for anyone looking to fit the facelift wheel (as the PO had done with my car), this is something to be aware of as if you buy a wheel from a crash damaged car, the bracket might be bent.
  9. AdamB

    part numbers for undertray fasteners?

    Everything is available, at a price… the issue I had was that mine is a factory sport manual v8, but due to the limited number built, realoem and even BMW’s system don’t always recognise this. Fasteners and brackets are easy to source and pretty cheap. the v8 sport manual Undertray (same as M5) is available from bmw but it’s approx £300. but then according to feedback, the aftermarket copies aren’t worth the bother.
  10. AdamB

    Softening leather

    For the colour lock stuff, do I just get normal lather treatment, or coated (pu)?
  11. AdamB

    Aircon musty smell

    Is this still the approved method? Mine smells like blue cheese. ive seen someone suggesting to take off the intake snorkels in the engine bay side and use the Lance to spray the other side of the evap too. does anyone know where the drain is and if it’s possible to clean it out?
  12. I saw this on the M25 Tuesday Morning near the M3 junction. I’m guessing it was a jap import due to the bootlid. it looked to be in amazing condition.
  13. AdamB

    Softening leather

    I noticed a few “finger prints” in the backrest portion of my passenger and driver seats yesterday. when I ran my hand/fingers over them I realised how hard the leather felt. i hadn’t noticed this before, nor did I on my previous e39… although that had grey leather and a comfort/climate windscreen. my new car has black leather and an unfiltered windscreen - a lot more susceptible to the effects of the sun. I think I urgently need to get some life/moisture back into the leather. I might as well take the chance to properly clean and condition them, as the colour is still decent in my opinion and there’s not any splits/cracks yet. The seat bases are much more supple than the backs which is why I think it’s the sun/uv which has cooked the upper sections. im still going to pursue a proper climate windscreen when I finally do my respray. ive been told they were never fitted to tourings due to location of the gps antenna, but to be honest if I end up going aftermarket audio at some point this won’t be as much of an issue anyway. (Or I can re-locate the antenna if I stay oem) - plus I never use the factory nav anyway. So, back on topic, what brands/kits do people recommmend for a clean and re-condition? (Not looking to re-colour yet).
  14. What bastards! where abouts in west London are you? I’m near Uxbridge and it’s a nightmare around here. my neighbours CRV was done a few weeks back. I’ve been a bit paranoid of my e39 being on the drive since. I actually noticed a small dent in the sill on mine recently that hadn’t been there before, I wonder if they tried but got spooked/couldn’t get jack under. I’ve just noticed in your profile what car you own, I spotted it in the car park at Donnington a few months back. Looks a lovely example of an e34! Were you racing? check out my friends video, see if you can spot yourself! https://youtu.be/YXKQCtIV1A4