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  1. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    I replaced my original tv tuner with the hybrid unit from an x5. it’s nice to have some functionality of the tv now.
  2. AdamB

    Breaking E39 M5

    @M5UVC have you got the engine/gearbox undertrays? what condition are they in?
  3. AdamB

    9.5j Style 37’s

    Bump! UK 9.5j’s please! (also might require a single 9j e39 rear)
  4. AdamB

    E39/E60 KW V2s

    Spotted these yesterday: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/E60-M5-KW-V3-Coilovers-/324610270117?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m2548.l6249&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  5. AdamB

    Rain sensing wipers!

    So are the cars… so it’s still relevant
  6. AdamB

    Rain sensing wipers!

    I don’t seem to have auto wipers, nor do I have auto headlights. travelling in the rain/spray today, the rotary dial seemed to have no effect on the intermittent speed. I had approx 3 seconds between wipes, no matter what position the rotary switch was in.
  7. I thought the biggest issue was always the o-ring in the cap?
  8. AdamB

    9.5j Style 37’s

    UK please! Being a UK forum, I thought this would be obvious…
  9. AdamB

    9.5j Style 37’s

    Has anyone got a pair (or two people with a single) 9.5j Style 37 alloy off the rear of an E38? condition not too important, although they need to be straight!
  10. AdamB

    540i valve covers

    @cotswoldbmwmini apologies, please could you send me a breakdown for the covers, all the gaskets, incl the fixings and bolt seals? email is same as I pm’d you yesterday for the other quote.
  11. AdamB

    M5 steering box swap

    No worries, I’m ordering a bunch of connectors etc, and have a 2nd hand X253 connector coming from eBay too.
  12. AdamB

    Fitting eibach lowering springs.

    Just got to work out poundage, the bilstein/pro-kits seem excessively harsh.
  13. AdamB

    Fitting eibach lowering springs.

    Thanks! I’ll definitely consider this! still tempted by some bc’s
  14. AdamB

    Fitting eibach lowering springs.

    Do you mean the pro-kit and sport line are the same drop?
  15. AdamB

    Fitting eibach lowering springs.

    Anyone know if the eibach springs come in any different levels/heights? Mines got the pro-kit on it with bolstering shocks and I’d like to drop the front a touch more