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  1. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took mine out for a short drive on Friday, it’s suddenly developed an internal creak/rattle from somewhere on the passenger side... really irritating trouble is I’m not driving it regularly enough or long enough at the moment, and generally I’m on my own or with my youngest, so not ideal to be able to locate the area, seems to echo along the whole side of the car... all I know is it wasn’t there last weekend!
  2. AdamB

    E39 M5 / 540i Sport Undertray

    thanks, although you missed a couple of bits... What about the front section (item no.9)? (see top of original post) part 20? fixings/fittings? Thanks
  3. AdamB

    Intermittent adaptation issue?

    Good work! I actually replaced a few vacuum hoses myself at the weekend and spotted a blanking plug on one of the units... I thought of you, lol!
  4. Did they get sold?
  5. AdamB

    Engine undertray - same on all models?

    I’ve just noticed the same one mine! Im less concerned about that one though, as it cannot be seen.
  6. Bit of superglue on the end of a kebab skewer / long screwdriver
  7. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Replaced a couple of vacuum lines, and the vacuum tank on top of the inlet (m62). I also replaced the fuel tank breather valve as I had the emission purge valve error when I previously ran a scan on INPA. - all clear now after a rescan. I replaced the rubber seal between the t/b and the inlet elbow as the old one was knackered. I tried replacing the seal between the maf and the elbow, but what BMW supplied doesn’t fit - too large (I identified / ordered it, so will have to check the part number etc). Anyway, the old seal was in decent enough condition to be refitted. Whilst I was there, I thought I’d change the vanos seals on the timing covers due to everything being covered in shite... I suspected these were the cause (or at least part of it, the solenoids etc were also all gunked up). on removal of the bank 1 seal, it was fairly evident that the old one had been leaking, so hopefully it’ll stay a bit cleaner for now. when I removed the seal on bank 2, I found the top bolt finger tight, which I didn’t really think too much about until I removed the bolt and found a load of the thread from the timing cover still on it bottom bolt was still tight. after replacing the seal, I really struggled to get it all lined up again (and most likely the reason for the stripped thread) - whoever did the timing chain job 20k miles ago has not correctly aligned the upper timing cover, therefore the vanos seal does not line up properly. I’ve put it all back together with the new seal for now, bottom bolt tightened up (had to use a pry-bar to force seal up enough to line up), top bolt loosely threaded in. I've still got a ‘Bank A’ camshaft timing/advance error, so wasn’t too bothered, as I know these covers will have have to come off again. - at which point I’ll have to get the thread repaired / heli-coiled. What’s for sure is that the garage that did the timing chain guides a few years back were fans of silicone instead of new gaskets/seals. They clearly haven’t done the job properly, hence all the leaks, stripped threads (and most likely the timing issue). I'm hoping in the coming months I can get it down to Barry at BMR to get the timing set properly and check the cam guides etc, then all the parts can be cleaned and re-sealed. - trying to source another set of valve covers to refurb before I do this.
  8. Mine is missing too, couldn’t find anything that resembled it
  9. AdamB

    Engine undertray - same on all models?

    I’ve asked, will see what they come back with. im pretty certain of part number, think it’s getting confused on realoem due to the rarity of the car.
  10. Please can I have a price for: 51712498988 (Part 9) and the relevant fixings? chassis no. is BH99030, however there’s a different part/number listed (51718159981) which I don’t think is correct. - mine is a factory 2002 540i Sport Touring Manual. Also, can you identify which is the correct version of item 19 & 20 (Plus fixings) - again I’m struggling because realoem doesn’t seem to identify my car correctly for these bits. Thanks. ooh, can I also please have a price for the central dash vent (item1) - black.
  11. AdamB

    Engine undertray - same on all models?

    I’m defo going for oem, but I think due to prices I’ll have to go for a decent s/h one!
  12. I’m after the front splash shield / undertray for my 540i Sport (same as the M5) can anyone help?
  13. AdamB

    Engine undertray - same on all models?

    Thanks. spent a bit of time on realoem and managed to work out which one I need. turns out the one listed against my chassis number is wrong... seems to be a non-sport one listed. (Once I did a generic 540 search it showed me both options) the correct one I need is the same as the M5 one. Part number: 51712498988
  14. AdamB

    Engine undertray - same on all models?

    Sooooo.... dragging this one up again, I was just looking under my car (540i sport) and noticed the belly pan does not line up with the side pieces (kidneys) I didn’t take a pic, but looks the same as this currently: I’m guessing once again, this isn’t correct and another bodge by the PO? Looks like a non-sport version? are the 6cyl trays different to the v8 trays? no-one seems to have posted pictures to confirm?