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  1. AdamB

    Ashtray speed

    Someone already pulled the chrome part off the top of the tray, so I’ve got the poor mans version of the delete. I do smoke, but I’d never use the ashtrays for that purpose, again it’s just a nice little storage area.
  2. AdamB

    E39 540i Sport Tyre question

    Is there a “standard” tyre size for a 540 sport touring with 18” staggered parallels? (8j/9j) rears fitted are currently 265/35’s, not sure about fronts.
  3. AdamB

    Led interior lights?

    I’ve just bought a set, will report my findings.
  4. AdamB

    Ashtray speed

    Done! Found this out myself last night, defo the little wheel. On mine it almost span freely. happened to have another console trim that had other breakages, but the lid moved smooth as anything. The wheel on this was very stiff to move. little cog unit now swapped over. ‘twas a great opportunity to give it all a proper clean out too
  5. AdamB

    Led interior lights?

    Thanks, for the price, I might give them a go is yours a touring also?
  6. AdamB

    Led interior lights?

    Funnily enough it’s my rear ones more often too the door/puddle/footwell are the other ones
  7. AdamB

    Ashtray speed

    Is anyone aware of what regulates the speed at which the ashtray flap rotates back? there seems to to be two speeds depending on what car/ashtray you try: 1) nice, slow, smooth, bmw-esque 2) fires your ashtray into the headliner is there any way to fix it?
  8. AdamB

    Led interior lights?

    Are there any led interior lights that don’t flicker? There are currently some installed in my touring which are quite flickery, I’d like something better. Failing that I might just have to go back to normal bulbs which is a shame as I like the added brightness, although the ‘cool white’ colour temperature can make it tricky to see things. I did look at osram leds, these can come in a ‘warm white’ but I think they’ll throw up errors?
  9. AdamB

    Stud conversion

    Yeah, spacers at front is what made me consider it Im assuming you went for open-ended nuts? Ally or steel? is 82mm full length (incl bit that winds into hub) or the protruding length?
  10. So, 5 years on, how are the bc’s and did you ever get anything on the rear? I know you mentioned in another post you refreshed bushes etc and did the m5 arb swap?
  11. AdamB

    Stud conversion

    Anyone got any up to date experiences / recommendations?
  12. AdamB

    E39 Touring boot power socket

    Found it: 61346843098
  13. AdamB

    E39 Touring boot power socket

    £20 from Cotswolds apparently? although didn’t check price/stock of the other bits. anyone got a part number for the flappy up bit that covers the socket?
  14. AdamB

    Reading lights and horns

    Please could you also tell me if this part is still available? 51477077851 thanks.
  15. AdamB

    E39 Touring boot power socket

    This one