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  1. Still not done anything with mine yet. It still drops, but slowly. - I’ve grown used to it! I have another question though… once it’s dropped, when should it pump itself back up? it only seems to do it once I’ve started the engine. I thought this was meant to become active again once drivers door is unlocked/open? - am I right? (Won’t even do anything with ignition on, engine has to be running.) p.s. I have a new solenoid (Aerosus) and pump rebuild kit (bagpipeandy) which I’m waiting for a few days off work to fit! Hoping this sorts the slow drop.
  2. AdamB

    M62 fan upgrade

  3. AdamB

    E39 manual gear change notchiness ?

    If anyone is interested, I have a set of the Detent springs etc that I bought from bmw for my last car but never fitted.
  4. Does anyone have recommendations for someone who can properly refurb the covers. so far I’ve had two quotes, one person has said £45 per cover, the other said £75 per cover! (Both +vat!) - bit more than I was expecting tbh. (especially as I have 2 sets I want done!)
  5. AdamB

    M62 fan upgrade

    Just a bit of forward planning… https://www.m5board.com/threads/mechanical-fan-mod.602986/ has anyone seen or done this mod/upgrade on their v8? any opinions? seems to be a lot of controversy…
  6. AdamB

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Looks good. I really want to do something with my leather interior to keep it looking good. It’s black and generally in great condition already. I think it could just do with a decent clean and condition. I think I’m still a few years/miles away from a re-dye.
  7. AdamB

    E39 Indicator flash on unlock

    I’ve got inpa and the suite of programs that come with the cableshack package. also got intravee, but to be honest, I’m starting to think I might be better off properly coding stuff so it still works if I decide to fit an aftermarket stereo.
  8. AdamB

    E39 Indicator flash on unlock

    Anybody? No?…
  9. AdamB

    Slate Green E39 Sport Touring

    Spotted in Iver this afternoon, looked like a nice example!
  10. AdamB

    E39 Indicator flash on unlock

    I’d like my indicators to flash when I unlock (like they do when the car locks)… how do I do this?   thanks.
  11. AdamB

    Brake caliper replacement/refurb options

    I had new callipers fitted recently at my friends garage. pretty certain they used ECP or Allparts as that’s their normal suppliers… don’t look any different to the originals (apart from looking new).
  12. I’m pretty certain the trims down the side of the main lid are held on by some rather brittle push-in clips, not really sure how to remove. most of mine are missing and the clips are actually kinda costly from BMW. The trim seems to stay put though so it’s possible it has other clips on the trim itself. I’ve bought some for after I get my car restored. best suggestion is to get some cheap plastic trim tools (bought mine for about £4) as they’ve enough stiffness to remove trim, but flexible enough to hopefully avoid damage.
  13. AdamB

    E39 M5 touring build

    Looking good! rebuilding will be the most fun bit!
  14. AdamB

    Can’t open nav screen

    No-one have any input? or have I posted in wrong section?
  15. AdamB

    Can’t open nav screen

    IMG_2999.MOV IMG_3001.MOV