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  1. markLILY

    speaker advise

    im in kent miles away, how much please and would you post, ,cheers
  2. markLILY


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  5. markLILY


    30 pounds including posting, 4 pics posted
  6. markLILY

    speaker advise

    can you tell me what size speakers back and front that will fit straight in, mine are blown buzzing on loud cheers
  7. can you send me some pictures and price please.

    Thanks Dave

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    2. greenelekta
    3. markLILY


      yes i can do in about 2 hours  it is not modern  about 1970s , 30 pounds  includes posting , just going out back soon, bit of luck wifes doing it


    4. markLILY
  8. markLILY


    bought a pair only want one 1970s BMW beer stein original ,so if any one interested i can PM a picture and price , prosit cheers
  9. markLILY

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    done this BHP Stock 174bhp Modified 215bhp +41bhp TORQUE (NM) Stock 400nm Modified 480nm +80nm
  10. markLILY

    remap done

    BHP Stock 174bhp Modified 215bhp +41bhp TORQUE (NM) Stock 400nm Modified 480nm +80nm
  11. markLILY

    remap done

    pulls so much better, it is not the performance remap as i wanted to be on the safe side of stain on parts. It may be a bit less power but overtaking and hills in 6th gear is very good from 20mph in third you can feel in back of seat the whoosh, i had a jag s type diesel with performance remap went very fast, but one of the best i have had was was a lexus ls 400 no remap and a charger from usa that was a bit quick, but i am very satisfied with this
  12. markLILY

    remap done

    phantom blend tune, fantastic vast improvement more response and much better mpg
  13. markLILY

    What did you do to your E60/61 today?

    fitted wind deflectors very easy think the wife could have done them
  14. markLILY

    EGR removal.

    complete bank and thermostat as well ,warning light on for a few months , now it comes on when ignition is on but when started goes out as normal no eml light runs ok no improvement noticed sae as when all was on, what i would like to know is why eml light has gone out when started, thought i had to get it mapped out
  15. markLILY

    advise needed

    hi all, took off al egr thermostat blanked all fitted the egr by pass thing, ten was going to get remap light delete but covid stopped me going to, engine manegement light on then today on ingition light on start uup engine light off drove ok no probs after many stops and starts it goes off all the time, is there a problem or has it been a result